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1. Tour schedule
2. Welcome andgeneral blabbing
3. Please helpme with my first professional video
4. Latest blogpost
5. Mailing listbusiness
6. Quote
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1.   Tour Schedule
12/14    Ottawa,ON, 11 am EST, CKCU “Canadian Spaces,” broadcasting on the net at www.ckcufm.com and in Ottawa at 93.1
12/15    Ottawa,ON, 3:30 pm, Rasputin’s Cabaret at Westboro Masonic Hall, 430 Churchill(at Byron), with Ken Kanwisher (cello) and other special guests, www.rasputins.ca  Album release concert!
12/21    Tucson,AZ, time TBA, Festivus, El Casino Ballroom, 437 E. 26th St,benefit for Tucson Kitchen Musicians for their annual folk festival, otherartists tba, www.tkma.org
2.   Welcome and general blabbing
I’ve been homethis past month, teaching and writing. And, after a big snowfall on Wednesday,shoveling. I like it, actually. It means I don’t have to go to the gym that dayand we get a nice looking driveway and front walk. Maybe this’ll wear off afterI’ve been here a few more years. I didn’t grow up with the frozen white stuff so I’mdifferent from the weary Canadians who can’t wait to retire in Florida.
I’m beyondexcited about my album release concert here in Ottawa on December 15. CellistKen Kanwisher is joining me, plus there’ll be other special guests. Reallyspecial. Like, I’m trying to keep it a secret and having a real hard time ofit.
A few days afterthat, I head to beautiful and warm Arizona, where’ll I’ll play a benefit forthe good folks of the Tucson Kitchen Musicians. I’m putting together a band forthat one, so be prepared for some surprises there, too. While I’m in thedesert, I plan to eat Mexican food until my hair ignites. My family lives there and I'm hoping they own good fire extinguishers.
My newalbum, Dare, is a perfect holiday gift, just in case you still don’tknow what to get Mom. Get it at one of my shows or from Ladyslipper – www.ladyslipper.org or 919-245-3737. Youcan also purchase it from CD Baby and a bunch of download sites,including iTunes.
3.Please help with my first professional video
One of the waysthat musicians gain new fans is to release a video featuring one of theirsongs. I’ve got lots of live concert footage and slide shows on the net, but Idon’t have a professional video. I’d like to change that and you can help me. I’mcurrently raising money on Indiegogo to make a video of “Run.” (Hear the songhere) Some of my fans have already generouslyhelped me raise a third of the money. Can you help too? If you can’t swing adonation right now, referrals are great and they don’t cost anything. Here’s alink to the site: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/run-the-music-video/x/297669
4.Latest blog post
Catch my latestpost here. Recent posts include gift suggestions formusicians and music fans, as well as one containing so many cute animal videos,you may have to avert your eyes.
5.   Mailing list business
You are on thislist because you signed up at a concert or went online and signed yourself up.If neither of those things happened then someone has forwarded you thisnewsletter. I do not add anyone without their permission nor is this list soldto anyone else. If you'd like to unsub, I'll cry but I won't make you pay mytherapist bill. You can do it yourself here. Likewise if you'd like to change youraddress. Please don't forward virus warnings, news items, jokes orpetitions. With almost 3,000 of you on this list it'd be too much tokeep up with the extra mail. However, I love getting mail from fans and answerwhen I can: tsunamiinc at aol dot com.
6. Quote
“Once again, wecome to the holiday season, a deeply religious time that each of us observes,in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice.” – Dave Barry
I love DaveBarry, even with the false generics. Don’t know what I mean? He could’ve said “…in her own way, by going to the mall of her choice.” I’ll forgive him. Whateverholiday you celebrate, or don’t, I hope it involves chocolate.
-- Jamie

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