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The JamieAnderson Newsletter

>From the National Women’s Music Festival,2008, photo by Janice Rickert. I’m in the middle, in the green. This was ajoyful rendition of Maxine Feldman’s “Amazon,” done with most of the musicianswho performed at the festival that year. Really fun and inspiring. 
1. Tour schedule
2. Welcome andgeneral blabbing
3. My blog
4. Looking forMidwest and North Carolina venues
5. Mailing listbusiness 
6. Ending quote
If you’d liketo contact us, please don’t use the reply function, write to tsunamiinc at aoldot com. If you want to unsub or otherwise change your subscription, please seethe instructions at http://lists.jamieanderson.com/mailman/options/jamie-news_lists.jamieanderson.com
1.   Tour Schedule
May/June  North Carolina
5/31 – 6/2  NC, teaching at John C Campbell FolkSchool
6/8         Durham, NC, Three’s Comedy, improv withAnn Roy and Abby Karp
8/4         Hart, MI, annual pre-fest concert withNedra Johnson
8/7         Hart, MI, teach intensive workshop atMichigan Women’s Music Festival, www.michfest.com
9/13       Downers Grove, IL, Two Way StreetCoffeehouse
9/14       Rockford, IL, Charlotte’s Web
10/4       Middleton, CT, Buttonwood Tree
10/5       Bethlehem, NH, Highlands Inn
10/11 – 12  Houston, TX, performance and panelpresentation on the history of women’s music, Celebrating Our LesbianLegacies: An Old Lesbian Oral Herstory Project Symposium, Marriott South at Hobby Airport,9100 Gulf Freeway, www.olohp.org, info at olohp.org
12/14     Ottawa, ON, Rasputin’s Cabaret
2.   Welcome and general blabbing
I’ve beenhunkered down during January. Played one gig with my band in Ottawa at Irene’s. Myother performance was cancelled, but I’m hoping it’ll get rescheduled soon.
I’m excitedabout tours to North Carolina and beyond. I’ve got some other cool things inthe works, but I can’t tell you yet. Stay tuned!
Want guitar, mandolin or ukulele lessons? Get 'em almost anytime from me in Ottawa, in Durham (NC) this June, and soon, I'll have this teaching via Skype thing down and it won't matter where you live. 
3. My blog
Music, tourstories and good chocolate – it’s all there in my weekly blog. My most recent post includes tour tales of snow, rain and tangled tire chains. Tomorrow’s blogfeatures guest writer JD Doyle, with a piece about trumpet player Tiny Davis.  http://jamiebobamie.wordpress.com/
4. Looking for Midwest and North Carolina venues
I’ve got acouple of bookings in North Carolina in June, and in Illinois in September. Have a favorite venue in those areas where you’d like to see me? I need a listening crowd andmore than tip jar pay. House concerts are groovy. I can help guide you through the process if you've never done one before. Shoot me an email and let me know how to contact thevenue and I’ll do the rest. tsunamiinc at aol.com
5.   Mailing list business
You are on thislist because you signed up at a concert or went online and signed yourself up.If neither of those things happened then someone has forwarded you thisnewsletter. I do not add anyone without their permission nor is this list soldto anyone else. If you'd like to unsub, I'll cry but I won't make you pay mytherapist bill. You can do it yourself at http://lists.jamieanderson.com/mailman/options/jamie-news_lists.jamieanderson.com  Likewise if you'd like to change your address. Please don't forwardvirus warnings, news items, jokes or petitions. With over 2,000 of you onthis list it'd be too much to keep up with the extra mail. However, I lovegetting mail from fans and answer when I can: tsunamiinc at aol dot com.
6.   Ending quote
“The beautiful thing aboutlearning is nobody can take it away from you.” – B.B. King
Ain't that the truth?

-- Jamie

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