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The  Jamie Anderson Newsletter 

Let’s see, what to  bring on that trip – pants, towel, socks, shoes, 
wedding veil …  cat 

1. Tour  schedule  
2. Welcome  and general blabbing  
3. I’ll be making a  new album but … 
4. We’re number 37!  Great video about health care. 
5. Do you live in  Arizona? 
6. Mailing  list business  
7. Ending  quotes 
If  you’d like to contact us, please don’t use the reply function, write 
to office  at jamieanderson dot com. If  you want to unsub or otherwise 
change your subscription, please see the  instructions at 
_www.jamieanderson.com/newsletter.html_ (http://www.jamieanderson.com/newsletter.html) . 
1.  Tour Schedule 
10/18 Durham, NC, 7 pm, Common Ground  Theatre, 4815 Hillsborough Rd, 
behind the big yellow house, sharing the bill  with the Transzenders, performing 
with Broad Steet Band, _www.cgtheatre.com_ (http://www.cgtheatre.com/)  
10/24 Greensboro, NC, 7 pm potluck, 8  pm house concert, solo show, women 
only please,  lyn.mccoy at wap.org 
11/6, Durham, NC, Club Steel Blue,  sharing the bill with Someone’s Sister 
and performing with Broad Street Band,  www.clubsteelblue.com 
11/20 Tucson, AZ, 7:30 pm, Greenfire,  The Lodge on Dodge, 3445 N. Dodge 
Blvd, solo show, _www.greenfireonline.org_ (http://www.greenfireonline.org/)  
11/21 or 11/22 –  looking for something elsewhere in Arizona – can you 
help? See  below. 
2. Welcome and general  blabbing
In case anyone is  wondering, I wore the wedding gown at the Ohio Lesbian 
Festival. At least for my  first song. The damn thing is all plastic so I had 
to take it off after that.  (Calm down, I was wearing a normal dress under 
it.) I had a freakin’ blast at  the festival. What a great pleasure it was 
to perform with Tory Trujillo and  Wahru. It was wonderful to meet so many of 
you. I asked from the stage about  raising money for my new recording and 
so many of you came forward. Thank you so  much! 
There’s lots of news  about my new album. Please read below for the 
I’m still looking for  gigs in Arizona in November. Again, there’s more 
You may have noticed  that my tour schedule is unusually sparse. I’ve got a 
lot of changes happening –  all good – and when I get them sorted out, I’
ll book more gigs. Meanwhile, I’m  looking forward to a couple of North 
Carolina gigs in October, one solo and one  with my band. Hope to see y’all out.  
3. I'll be making a new album but  … 
Like I said in last  month’s newsletter, raising money in this economy has 
been extremely difficult.  I’ve been at it over a year and still didn’t 
have enough so I gave myself a  deadline. If I didn’t raise the rest of the 
money by the end of September, the  new album wasn’t happening. 
The bad news is that  I didn’t get enough funding. I needed $10,000. Before 
you gasp, consider that  Sony Music could spend that much on one song. It’s 
probably the budget for one  Katy Perry show. Heck, that’s probably the 
budget just for her dress.   
The good news is that  I have enough for an EP of five songs. I prefer a 
full-length release – and I’m  sure you would too – but heck, this is better 
than a slap upside the head. And  I’m very grateful for the support I’ve 
received so far. Not only have so many of  you been generous in pre-ordering 
the album but the photographers, graphic  designer, musicians and engineer 
are giving me HUGE discounts. Bless you  all. 
I know I said I was  done raising money but if I could get just $1000 more, 
I could record two more  songs. There are over 2000 of you on this list. If 
you all went to PayPal or my  website and gave $1, I’d have enough for 
those songs plus some extra for  publicity. We all know that not everyone will 
see my message and do that, so if  you could give a bit more, I could make 
this budget. If not, I’ll release the EP  with five songs. That’ll work too 
but oh, think of my therapist bills. (Kidding!  I’m kidding!) 
If you’d like to help  me with this new release, you can send a PayPal 
payment to tsunamiinc at aol dot  com or go to _www.jamieanderson.com_ 
(http://www.jamieanderson.com/)  and click on the link that says  “Help Jamie make a 
new album.” There’s an order form that you can download and  send via snail 
The EP will be out in  early 2010 with songs recorded with Chris Rosser and 
his band Free Planet  Radio. Individually they’ve played  at Carnegie Hall 
and the Kennedy Center, and with artists like the Paul Winter  Consort, 
Sophie B. Hawkins and David Wilcox. I also recorded songs with  veteran engineer 
Karen Kane and my kick booty band Broad Street. Ace mandolin  player Kara 
Barnard joins us on one song too. Three of the songs are new and two  are 
older songs with new arrangements.  
If I raise the money  for two more songs, I’m not sure what they’d be. If 
you have suggestions, give  me a shout. I’ve got so many new tunes, it’s 
hard to  choose. 
4.  We’re number 37! Great video about health care. 
5. Do you live in Arizona? 
I’m looking for  Arizona gigs in November. I’m set for Tucson but if you 
know of a coffeehouse or  similar type venue elsewhere in the state, please 
let me know. I prefer a place  with a listening crowd (no noisy bars please) 
and more than pass-the-hat pay.  House concerts are great. If you have a 
living room or other space that seats  more than 20 and a good list of friends 
who might attend, I’d love to know. E  me: Jamie at jamieanderson dot com. 
6. Mailing list  business

You are on this list  because you signed up at a concert or went online and 
signed yourself up. If  neither of those things happened then someone has 
forwarded you this newsletter.  I do not add anyone without their permission 
nor is this list sold to anyone  else. If you'd like to unsub, I'll cry but 
I won't make you pay my therapist  bill. You can do it yourself at 
(http://www.jamieanderson.com/newsletter.html) . Likewise  if you'd like to change your address. Please  don't forward 
virus warnings, news items, jokes or petitions.  With over 2,000 of you on 
this list it'd be too much to keep up with the extra  mail. However, I love 
getting mail from fans and answer when I can: tsunamiinc  at aol dot com. 
7. Ending quotes 
“Not  all cultures are equal. Not all values are equal.” – Michelle 
Bachman,  congresswoman from Minnesota 
“This  president has exposed himself … as a guy who has a deep seated 
hatred for white  people or white culture.” – Glenn Beck, Fox News  host 
No,  just a**holes, Mr. Beck. At least these wing nuts give me lots of song 
--  Jamie


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