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The  Jamie Anderson Newsletter 


.At  Festival for the Eno, July 4, 2009 
Photo  by Connie Russell 
1. Tour  schedule  
2. Welcome  and general blabbing  
3.  Important update on my new album 
4.  Proof that you never have to stop doing what you love 
5. Do  you live in Arizona? 
6.  Great songwriting contest – tell your friends 
7. Mailing  list business  
8. Ending  quotes 
If  you’d like to contact us, please don’t use the reply function, write 
to office  at jamieanderson dot com. If  you want to unsub or otherwise 
change your subscription, please see the  instructions at 
_www.jamieanderson.com/newsletter.html_ (http://www.jamieanderson.com/newsletter.html) . 
1.  Tour Schedule 
9/19 –  20 Ohio, Ohio Lesbian  Festival, with special guests, 
_www.ohiolba.org_ (http://www.ohiolba.org/)  
10/18  Durham, NC, 7 pm, Common  Ground Theatre, sharing the bill with the 
Tranzenders, performing with Broad  Steet Band, _www.cgtheatre.com_ 
10/24  Greensboro, NC, house  concert, solo show, lyn.mccoy at wap.org 
11/6,  Durham, NC, Club Steel Blue,  sharing the bill with Someone’s Sister 
and performing with Broad Street Band,  www.clubsteelblue.com 
11/20  Tucson, AZ, Greenfire, solo  show, www.greenfireonline.org 
2.  Welcome and general blabbing
I had  to wear long sleeves while puttering in my garden this morning. The 
tomato  plants are turning brown and I’m worried that the last two 
cantaloupes won’t  ripen before the hot days are done. I am so not ready for summer 
to  end. 
I still  have “Just Married” and “Married in Canada” on the back window 
of my truck. One  is fading and the latter, written in larger letters, is in 
French so not many in  NC know what it says. All the same, I’m going to 
leave the writing up until it  morphs into modern art.  
I’m  really looking forward to this month’s gig at the Ohio Lesbian 
Festival. I’m  lining up some exciting special guests for my musical set. In 
addition to that,  I’m emceeing. Hmm, the 60’s mini dress with lace tights or 
the wedding dress  with veil? 
3. Update on my new album 
Almost  everything is in place – I’ve got the songs, the studio, a 
producer and the  musicians. I just saw my producer in concert with his band and 
whoo doggie, they  cooked. Not only is he an incredible keyboard player but he 
also plays a  selection of Middle Eastern instruments like the oud. I’m 
salivating over what  he could do with that bellydance song of mine. I get to 
use his band too plus my  buddy Kara Barnard would join us on guitar, 
mandolin and banjo. I’d like to go  into the studio in December or January which 
means the album would be released  in the spring. 
I’ve  been fundraising for over a year and I’ve collected a quarter of the 
money. I’ve  given myself a deadline. If I don’t have the funds by the end 
of September, I’m  postponing the album. While I so appreciate all of you 
who have helped me so  far, it’s just not enough to go forward.  
Through  the ages artists have had benefactors and for good reason – art 
benefits our  communities in many ways. My fans have always been generous in 
helping finance  albums, whether it’s coming to a show or purchasing an album 
in advance. If you  can help, please go to _www.jamieanderson.com_ 
(http://www.jamieanderson.com/)  and click on the link that says  “help Jamie put 
out her next album.” And if you happen to know Bill Gates, give  me a call. 
4.  Proof that you never have to stop doing what you love 
I love  this video of 91 year old drummer Jerrie Thill 
5. Do you live in Arizona? 
I’m  looking for gigs in November. If you know of a coffeehouse or similar 
type venue  that I could contact, please let me know. I prefer a place with 
a listening  crowd (no noisy bars please) and more than pass-the-hat pay. 
House concerts are  great. If you have a living room or other space that seats 
more than 20 and a  good list of friends who might attend, I’d love to 
know. E me: Jamie at  jamieanderson dot com. 
6. Great songwriting contest – tell your  friends 
Submit your two best  songs and you could win your share of over $3000 in 
prizes! Entries will be  accepted until September 15, 2009 through 
www.SonicBids.com/ncsongcontest or by  mail to PO Box 335, Carrboro, NC, 27510. Rules 
and entry form at _www.ncsongwriters.org/annualcontest_ 
(http://www.ncsongwriters.org/annualcontest) . You don’t have to  be a resident of NC or a 
member of the sponsoring organization. Any genre of  music is accepted.  
7.  Mailing list business

You  are on this list because you signed up at a concert or went online and 
signed  yourself up. If neither of those things happened then someone has 
forwarded you  this newsletter. I do not add anyone without their permission 
nor is this list  sold to anyone else. If you'd like to unsub, I'll cry but 
I won't make you pay  my therapist bill. You can do it yourself at 
(http://www.jamieanderson.com/newsletter.html) .  Likewise if you'd like to change your address. Please  don't forward 
virus warnings, news items, jokes or petitions.  With over 2,000 of you on 
this list it'd be too much to keep up with the extra  mail. However, I love 
getting mail from fans and answer when I can: tsunamiinc  at aol dot com. 
8. Ending quotes 
“The  modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in 
moral  philosophy: that is, the search for a superior moral justification for 
 selfishness.” – John Kenneth Galbraith 
“A  compassionate conservative is someone who electrocutes juveniles but 
lets them  have a last “make a wish.” – Garrison Keillor 
Well,  that about sums it up. Stay well y’all. 
--  Jamie


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