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The Jamie Anderson  Newsletter 

The Broad Street Band!  We’ll be at the Festival for the Eno in Durham this 
Saturday, July 5, 12:15 – 1 on  the Meadow Stage 
and 5 – 6 pm on the  Grove Stage.  www.enoriver.org 
    1.  Tour schedule   
    2.  Welcome and general blabbing   
    3.  Free songs at _www.jamieanderson.com_ (http://www.jamieanderson.com/) 
    4.  Why I’m voting Republican. Video!  It’s a video! 
    5.  Article about Fanny,  groundbreaking all-women’s rock band 
    6.  Articles in Curve 
    7.  Help for  Indie-Music.com 
    8.  Contest! Here’s your chance to win  a CD. 
    9.  Looking for Midwest venues for November 
    10. Mailing list business   
    11. Ending  quote

1.  Tour schedule

7/5   Durham, NC, Festival for the Eno, with  Broad Street, 12:15 – 1 pm 
Meadow Stage, 5 – 6 pm Grove stage, _www.enoriver.org_ (http://www.enoriver.org/)  
8/1   Pittsburgh, PA, 7:30 pm, Square Café, 1137 S.Braddock  Ave in Regent 
Square, (412) 244-8002   _www.square-cafe.com_ (http://www.square-cafe.com/) , 
with Tracy Drach 
8/2    Indianapolis,  IN, 7 pm, Circle Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 
1818 W.  57th St, _www.cuuf.org_ (http://www.cuuf.org/) ,  _dan at danhenkel.com_ 
(mailto:dan at danhenkel.com) ,  317-446-2666
8/3    Hart,  MI, 7 pm, Comfort Inn, annual pre-fest concert, with Ruth  
Barrett, tickets at http://www.jamieanderson.com/tour.html 
8/5 -- 10   Hart,  MI, Michigan Women's Music Festival, teaching bellydance 
and  songwriting, _www.michfest.com_ (http://www.michfest.com/) 
9/26  Fredericksburg,  VA 
9/27  Baltimore, MD 
9/28   Carrboro,  NC, Carrboro Music  Festival, with Broad  Street Band 
11/14  Rockford, IL, with Kara  Barnard 
11/15  Ann Arbor, MI 
11/21  Downers Grove, IL 

2.  Welcome and general blabbing

I always cry at least  once at the National Women’s Music Festival. This 
time, it was at the round  robin, the event that ends the festival, where all of 
the performers get up to  do one song or spoken word piece. Andrea Gibson had 
just done this incredibly  moving poem about the importance of art and how it 
connects us all. It was all I  could do to hold it together when I came up 
afterwards to lead everyone in a  final song. To honor women’s music pioneer 
Maxine Feldman (who passed away last  year), we did one of her songs, “Amazon.” As 
we began the opening chords, the  audience, already standing after Andrea’s 
amazing performance, grabbed each  other’s hands and started to dance across 
the room. As the song gained in  intensity with gospel voices, drums and 
harmonies, I swear we all levitated.  Damn. Just damn. 
The rest of the  festival was wonderful too. I heard some great music, from 
Nicole Reynolds  charming songs to the smooth harmonies of Cris Williamson and 
band. I got to  bellydance with Middle Eastern / Latin band Paprika. Tret 
Fure's band played,  Ellis was her adorable self, Karen Williams made me laugh so 
hard I had to press  my thighs together to prevent myself from peeing my 
pants. Martine Locke blew us  away with her rock-infused solo set. If I’d have 
cloned myself I could’ve heard  everyone and gone to everything. 
Y’all need to come  next year. Really. Yeah, it costs more than some of the 
other fests but it’s  still more affordable than an Olivia Cruise. Your male 
friends can go and best  of all, there’s no camping unless you really want to do 
it. I slept in a  comfortable hotel bed that made me very very happy. 
In othe news -- I’m  very excited to play with my band, Broad Street, at 
Festival for the Eno this  weekend. In August I’m doing a short tour that includes 
Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and Hart (MI). Hope to see y’all  out at a gig! 
3.  Free songs at _www.jamieanderson.com_ (http://www.jamieanderson.com)  
_http://jamieanderson.com/music.html_ (http://jamieanderson.com/music.html)  
Well, almost free. If  you really don’t have the dough or if you’re new to 
my music, you don’t need to  pay. But if you’re a fan who doesn’t plan to buy 
an album, please consider using  the Paypal donation button. You’ll help keep 
my cats in  kibble. 
I just re-recorded  “Her Problem Now” with my band. It’s the first song on 
that  page. 
4. Why I’m voting  Republican. Video. It’s a video! 
It’s hard to laugh in  these times but this oughta do it for you: 
5. Article about  Fanny, ground breaking all-women’s rock band 
Here’s an article I  wrote about one of the first all-women’s rock bands to 
be signed to a major  label. They recorded at the Beatles Apple Studios, 
partied with Mick Jagger and  kicked some serious musical booty: 
At the same site, I’m  writing recaps of my fav reality TV show So You Think 
You Can  Dance: 
_http://www.afterellen.com/blog/58173_ (http://www.afterellen.com/blog/58173) 
I’ve also penned an  article about women’s music: 
I’ll be writing more  for them. Stay tuned. 
6. Articles in Curve 
I’ve also written a  couple of articles for Curve for  their July music 
issue. It’s out now. I’m not sure yet if you’ll be able to read  it on line (if 
so, it’ll be at _www.curvemag.com_ (http://www.curvemag.com/) ) or just the 
paper  version. 
7. Help for  Indie-Music.com 
I sometimes write for  Indie-Music.com, a great website featuring the work of 
independent musicians.  The folks who run it, Suzanne Glass and Paul Bultman, 
recently lost their home  and business in the flooding that hit Columbus, 
Indiana. They’re currently living in a  borrowed home and slowly building their 
lives up again. If you can help with a  small donation, I’m sure they’d 
appreciate it greatly. You can send them  something via Paypal using 
_billing at indie-music.com_ (mailto:billing at indie-music.com) . You could  also send a check to 
Indie-Music.com, PO Box 602, Columbus,  IN 47202. If you’re in the music 
business,  consider supporting their site by purchasing an ad.  
8. Contest! Here’s  your chance to win a CD. 
Supply a funny caption  for each of these photos and send them to Jamie at 
jamieanderson dot com. The  winning entries will be published in the next 
newsletter and win a CD. And yes,  these are my cats. 
9. Looking for  Midwest venues for  November 
If you know of a great  venue in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio,  Illinois, 
Indiana, Iowa or  Wisconsin,  please shoot me an email. It needs to have a listening 
crowd, a PA and more than  pass-the-hat-pay. I’ll consider a house concert too 
(and I don’t need a PA for  those) but I’ll book those later. E me: Jamie at 
jamieanderson dot  com. 
10.  Mailing list business

You  are on this list because you signed up at a concert or went online and 
signed  yourself up. If neither of those things happened then someone has 
forwarded you  this newsletter. I do not add anyone without their permission nor is 
this list  sold to anyone else. If you'd like to unsub, I'll cry but I won't 
make you pay  my therapist bill. You can do it yourself at 
_www.jamieanderson.com/newsletter.html_ (http://www.jamieanderson.com/newsletter.html) . Likewise 
 if you'd like to change your address. Please  don't forward virus warnings, 
news items, jokes or petitions.  With over 2,000 of you on this list it'd be 
too much to keep up with the extra  mail. However, I love getting mail from 
fans and answer when I can: tsunamiinc  at aol dot com.

11.  Ending quote

In Larry King's interview  with Jon Stewart, Larry brought up the subject of 
the primaries and asked him if  America was ready for a woman or a  Black 

Jon looked at him quizzically and said, "This is  such a non-question. Did 
anyone ask us in 2000 if Americans were ready for a  moron?" 
Peace and  chocolate,

-- Jamie


Buy  CDs at _www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson4_ 
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