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The Jamie Anderson  Newsletter 

March 29, 2008, Equal  Grounds, Rochester,  NY 
Photo by  Wolfgrrrl 
    1.  Tour schedule   
    2.  Welcome and general blabbing   
    3.  Wanna buy some out of print Jamie  CDs plus support IMA? 
    4.  I’m the featured performer at _www.indiegrrl.com_ 
(http://www.indiegrrl.com/) !  
    5.  Cool videos of great women guitar  players  
    6.  Can you write a quick review of  Three  Bridges?  
    7.  Looking for a baton twirling  costume  
    8.  Mailing list business   
    9.  Ending  quote

1.  Tour  schedule
4/4     Syracuse, NY, 8 pm, Folkus, May Memorial  Unitarian, 3800 E. Genesee 
St., www.folkus.org
4/5     Catskill, NY, 8:30 pm, Doubles II, Church Street off of  Main Street, 
make reservations through _catskillprproductions at yahoo.com_ 
(mailto:catskillprproductions at yahoo.com)  
4/17  Rocky Mount, NC,  tentative 
4/24  Toledo, OH,  tentative 
5/3    Durham, NC, 8 pm, Broad  Street Café, with the new band, Broad 
Street!, also on the bill:  Dalton  Highway 
5/9    Columbia, SC, H2O Bar, with  Dalton  Highway 
5/23  VA, Virginia  Women’s Music Festival, with Broad Street Band
6/19 – 6/22  Madison, WI, National Women's Music Festival, 
_www.wiaonline.org_ (http://www.wiaonline.org/)  
7/5   Durham, NC, Festival for the Eno, with  Broad  Street 
8/2    Indianapolis,  IN
8/3    Hart,  MI, 7 pm, Comfort Inn, annual concert with Nedra  Johnson 
8/5 and 6   Hart,  MI, Michigan Women's Music Festival, teaching bellydance 
and  songwriting, _www.michfest.com_ (http://www.michfest.com/) 
9/26  Fredericksburg,  VA 
9/27  Baltimore, MD,  tentative 
November Midwest 
11/14  Rockford, IL, with Kara  Barnard 
11/15  Ann Arbor, MI 
11/21  Downers Grove, IL 

2. Welcome and general  blabbing

Hey  everyone from windy Rochester, NY.  I’m staying here a couple of extra 
days after my gig here, then moving on to  Syracuse and  Catskill for weekend 
gigs. I hope that you can come to the shows. Details are  above. 
Sharing housing with a  three year old really gives one perspective. I’ve 
learned that snuggling while  watching cartoons is a Good Thing, and if you ask 
for something nicely,  sometimes you get it. I hope I’ve been nice enough to 
get y’all to come to my  shows. You can watch cartoons later, ‘k? 
I’ve had a blast on  this tour. Every place I’ve played wants me back and 
even the Canadians get my  jokes. My Ottawa audience now speaks Southern  
American very well and everyone at the Wakefield, Quebec gig thought my “y’all” was 
charming.  Yep, that’s me, charming. And nice. Have I mentioned that? 
I haven’t done any  hometown (Durham, NC) gigs recently because I’m 
rehearsing a new  band. The Broad Street Band debuts with me on May 3 at the Broad 
Street Café. No  relation to the café name –  I just  call them that ‘cause we’
re all broads: Hollis Brown on violin and vocals,  Kimberly Kornegay on 
percussion and vocals, and Lou Newman on bass. I have  absolutely loved rehearsing 
with them and I think you’ll adore them too. Opening  the show is South  
Carolina duo Dalton Highway. Broad Street will also join  me at the Virginia Women’s 
Music Festival later in May and at Festival for the  Eno in Durham in  July. 
3. Wanna buy some out of print Jamie Anderson CDs plus support  IMA? 
I am participating in  a charity auction for the Institute for the Musical 
Arts in Goshen, MA. As some of you may know, IMA was  co-founded 20 years ago by 
June Millington, the rocking guitarist for the  all-female band Fanny. The 
purpose is to ensure that girls and women  have access to the music business. 
IMA is raising funds to complete their new  recording studio, and they’re using 
the international stage of an eBay auction  to get the items in front of large 
numbers of people. The auction began on March  8 and new items will be added 
periodically through April. My items go up  for bid on April 6. I've donated: 
Three Bridges (signed)  – released in 2007 
A Promise of Light  (signed) – 2005 
Listen (signed) –  2001 
Drive All Night  (signed) – 1999 
Never Assume (signed)  – 1995, out of print 
Bad Hair Day (signed)  – 1993, out of print 
Closer to Home LP –  1989, out of print 
A Family of Friends –  1993, out of print, compilation that features “At 
Karen’s House” which is not on  any other Jamie Anderson CD plus the first 
version of the song A Family of  Friends, with Margie Adam, June and Jean 
Millington, Tret Fure, Deidre McCalla,  Kay Gardner, Cris Williamson and many more. 
Oasis Acoustic  Sampler, volume 21 – date unknown, out of print, double CD 
sampler that includes  my “Drive All Night” plus songs from Zoe Lewis, Jane 
Voss and many  more. 
Oasis Acoustic  Sampler, volume 27 – 2007, may be out of print, limited 
edition that was never  sold, compilation that contains my “Drive All Night” as 
well as songs from  others.  
Tammies ’94 – out of  print, compilation of winners from the Tucson Area 
Music Awards (I was voted Best Folk  Performer), contains a version of “One Out 
Of Three” not available anywhere  else, plus many other great artists. 
You'll be able to find  it by searching _www.eBay.com_ (http://www.ebay.com/) 
 for my name. Look for the group of  items for IMA. There are single CDs that 
others are selling and those CDs will  not benefit IMA. (Also, some of those 
CDs are not by me but a DJ with the same  name.) Remember, my items go up for 
bid on April 6. Don’t hesitate because  they’ll only be up for a week. 
Meanwhile, check out the other items up for bid  including donations from Bonnie 
Raitt, the Indigo Girls, Cris Williamson, Dar  Williams, Ani Difranco, and David 
Bowie. If you want to check out all of the  items currently being auctioned 
for IMA, go here: 

_IMA's website_ (http://www.ima.org/)  has a more  thorough list of items, 
and is being updated as shipments arrive. If you're not  interested in buying 
anything, you can just click through to Paypal from the IMA  website, and donate 
to a worthy cause...with their thanks. 
At _www.youtube.com/imainthehouse_ (http://www.youtube.com/imainthehouse)  you
’ll be able to  see the progress they’ve made on the studio so far. 

4. I’m the featured performer at  www.indiegrrl.com! 
Check it out: _www.indiegrrl.com/featuredartist.htm_ 
There’s an interview  and a couple of pics. 

5.  Cool videos of great women  guitarists
Uh oh, Jamie’s been  surfing You Tube again. 
Here’s a video of Mary  Ford. I know the song is corny but hot damn, can she 
play. Her partner in crime  there is her husband, Les Paul, the inventor of 
the electric guitar and an  innovator of modern recording. Mary’s work has 
somehow gotten lost in the  shuffle but as you can see here, she can match him note 
for note. Unfortunately,  Mary passed away in the 70’s. Les Paul is in his 
nineties and still does a  regular gig at a jazz club in NYC. 
I found this band  recently and hot damn, can guitarist Laura Chavez burn it 
up. Last year they  played at the women’s blues festival in Wilmington, NC  
www.nationalwomeninblues.com. I hope they return. Be sure to watch the video on  
the front page: 
I can’t play the  guitar like that – yet – but I’m hoping to have my own 
videos up in a few  months. Until then you’ll have to satisfy yourself with the 
plethora of videos  that have my cat song as a soundtrack. Just search for “
When Cats Take Over the  World.” Be forewarned, they are of varying quality. 
Hey, it’s You  Tube. 

6. Can you write a quick review of Three  Bridges?

There  are places at many web sites where you can post a quick review of 
Three Bridges. Here's one of them: _www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson4_ 
(http://www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson4)  - just click on  the "post a review" link at the 
bottom of the page. You don't have to write  anything beautifully poetic or 
lengthy, a simple "I loved it, my dog loved it  and you'll love it" would suffice. 
You can also go to _www.amazon.com_ (http://www.amazon.com/) . Do a search on 
my name and then  click on one of the CD covers. Just a couple of lines under 
my name you’ll see a  link that’ll take you to a screen where you can write 
a review.   
Or, go here _http://musicishere.com/artists/Jamie_Anderson/Three_Bridges_ 
(http://musicishere.com/artists/Jamie_Anderson/Three_Bridges)   and add a comment 
at the bottom of the page 
Or go here _http://www.buy.com/prod/three-bridges/q/loc/109/204820319.html_ 
(http://www.buy.com/prod/three-bridges/q/loc/109/204820319.html)   and click on 
the review button. 
If you're a lesbian  and feel extra motivated, you could write something a 
bit longer for the Lesbian  Connection: _elsiepub at aol.com_ 
(mailto:elsiepub at aol.com) . 
7. Looking for a baton twirling  costume 
Thanks to everyone who  responded to my request for a wedding dress/prom 
dress in last month’s  newsletter. I understand I have a couple of lovely dresses 
headed my way. I  can’t wait to see them! I’m still looking for a baton 
twirling costume. I know  they’re hard to find in a size 12 (14 might work too) but 
I’ve got the baton so  I figure, I should have the outfit. Why you ask? I’m 
emceeing at the National  Women’s Music Festival this year and I need to 
dress. The pink cowboy boots and  tiara will be a hit, as will my new dresses, but 
a little something with sequins  will just make it this year. Tyra Banks will 
want me for her show, doncha  think? 

8. Mailing list business

You  are on this list because you signed up at a concert or went online and 
signed  yourself up. If neither of those things happened then someone has 
forwarded you  this newsletter. I do not add anyone without their permission nor is 
this list  sold to anyone else. If you'd like to unsub, I'll cry but I won't 
make you pay  my therapist bill. You can do it yourself at 
_www.jamieanderson.com/newsletter.html_ (http://www.jamieanderson.com/newsletter.html) . Likewise 
 if you'd like to change your address. Please  don't forward virus warnings, 
news items, jokes or petitions.  With over 2,000 of you on this list it'd be 
too much to keep up with the extra  mail. However, I love getting mail from 
fans and answer when I can: tsunamiinc  at aol dot com.

9.  Quote

”Born right the first time.”  – from a bumper sticker from Northern Sun 
_www.northernsun.com_ (http://www.northernsun.com/)  – thanks to Ralph and  Judy 
in Rochester who gave me one for my truck 

Peace and  chocolate,

-- Jamie


Buy  CDs at _www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson4_ 
(http://www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson4) , _www.Goldenrod.com_ (http://www.goldenrod.com/) , 
_www.ladyslipper.org_ (http://www.ladyslipper.org/)  and more. Download at _www.itunes.com_ 
(http://www.itunes.com/)  and many  more. 

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