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The  Jamie Anderson Newsletter 

Table  of Contents 
1. Performances 
2. Welcome and general  blabbing 
3. I need friends! Go to MySpace.  Please? 
4. Who do I sound  like? 
5. Musicians, looking for a bio writer?   
6. Health insurance  advice 
7. Looking for someone to video tape my  performance 
8. Mailing list  business 
9. Ending quotes 
1.  Performances 
Always check with the venue before  heading out to a show. 
More dates are being added  all the time! 
5/11      Frederick, MD, 8 pm, Westside Café, 1A  West 2nd  St, 301-418-6886, 
5/12      Chatham, NJ, 8 pm, The Sanctuary  Concerts at the Presbyterian 
Church, 240 Southern Blvd, _www.sanctuaryconcerts.org_ 
(http://www.sanctuaryconcerts.org/) , open for  Cris Williamson 
5/26      Kents Store, VA, Virginia  Women’s Music Festival, 
_www.campoutva.com_ (http://www.campoutva.com/)  
6/3        Hillsborough, NC, 3 – 8 pm  (Jamie’s performance time TBA), Blue 
Bayou Club, 106 S. Churton St, _www.bluebayouclub.com_ 
(http://www.bluebayouclub.com/) , benefit for  Parkinson’s disease research, with the Jive Turkey 
Players, Lynn McGee and The  Monarchs, Bull City Band, Jason Harrod, Jeff Hart 
and Mel  Melton 
6/22-24  Provincetown, MA, Golden Threads,  www.goldenthreadsptown.org 
7/4        Durham, NC, Festival for the Eno,  www.enoriver.org 
7/6        Bloomington, IL, National Women’s Music Festival,  
8/4        Alpena, MI, Backroads House  Concert 
8/5        Hart, MI, Comfort Inn, with  Nedra Johnson 
8/18      Cincinnati, OH, Tri-state  Womonfest 
8/19      Sandusky, OH, Firelands  Pride 
9/8        Des Moines, IA, WCC at Friends Meeting House,  opening: Mary 
9/10      Cedar  Falls, IA, tentative 
9/14      Chicago, IL, Fitzgeralds 
9/15      Ft.  Wayne, IN, Sophia’s  Portico 
9/16      Joliet, IL, house  concert 
9/18      Chicago, IL, Big  Chicks/Tweet 
9/22      Indianapolis, IN, Indy Indie, with special  guest 
11/16    Tucson, AZ 
11/17    Phoenix, AZ, tentative 
11/18    Apache Junction,  AZ 
2. Welcome and general  blabbing 
I am so excited about my new album,  Three Bridges, that I’m about to pee my 
pants. It’s a celebration of 20  years of touring so I’ve packed as many 
songs as possible into this one package.  I’ve chosen cuts from earlier albums 
(that haven’t been available for quite some  time) plus a few newer favorites AND 
I recorded two brand new songs with Kara  Barnard. Add that to looking 
through old photos of my career for the album cover  and damn, it’s been great 
traveling down memory lane. There were times when I  needed four wheel drive but so 
many of you were there to haul me out of the mud.  That’s a confusing 
metaphor but you get it, right? Thanks to everyone for  allowing me the privilege of 
playing for you all these  years. 
It was hard choosing the songs. If  there’s one of my tunes that you 
absolutely think I should have on Three  Bridges, shoot me an email before tomorrow 
(May 10). That’s when I head to  the mastering facility to finish the recording 
portion of this  shindig. 
Three Bridges will be out in  early July, in time for the National Women’s 
Music Festival. Speaking of that –  y’all don’t want to miss this fab festival –
 women, men, all those in between –  what are you waiting for? Doncha wanna 
hear Lucie Blue Tremblay, Ember Swift,  Marga Gomez, Zoe Lewis, Michele Balan, 
Ubaka Hill, Linda Tillery, Wishing Chair,  Kara Barnard and more? Go to fun 
workshops? Sleep in a Real Bed? (Camping is  nice but if you’re like me, you 
want a roof over your head. One that isn’t  nylon.) It’s the longest running 
women’s music festival on the planet and yes,  it’s older than that other one. 
Find out more at _www.wiaonline.org_ (http://www.wiaonline.org/) . 
If you live in the south and Illinois  is too far to go, maybe the Virginia 
Women’s Music Festival on Memorial Day  weekend is more your speed? Check out 
the line-up: Tret Fure, SONiA, Sister  Funk, Paprika, Someone's Sister, moi and 
many more. It’s a great little  festival on a beautiful piece of land. 
And while I'm talking about great  gigs, I’m headed to Maryland this Friday 
to  play at the Westside Café in Frederick. For a while their website said the  
gig wasn’t happening but look again, it is now! Spread the word, ‘k? On  
Saturday, I’m OPENING FOR CRIS WILLIAMSON in Chatham, NJ.  (That’s the northern 
part of the state, not too far from NYC.) Not that I’m  excited or anything. 
Tell you friends, y’all. It’s not often that Cris gets out  that way or that I 
get to open for her. 
Check out the tour schedule above. I’ve  got lots of dates coming up this 
year. Remember, if I’m coming to your region  but not to your city, consider 
doing a house concert. It’s like throwing a big  party only there’s live music. 
You need a space that seats 20 or 30ish. E me to  find out more: 
office at jamieanderson.com. 
Well, blah, blah, blah about gigs. Hope  to see you out at one. If not, 
journey up to MySpace, blast my songs and pretend  I’m singing to you. If you’re a 
stalker well, never mind.  

3. I need friends. Go to MySpace!  Please? 
Won’t you be my friend? Get tour  updates, listen to songs, read my blog and 
see pics that aren’t on my regular  site. 
4. Who do I sound  like? 
I’m  getting ready to rewrite my bio and I’m stuck. Most folks who read a 
bio want to  know who the musician sounds like. And yeah, all musicians hate 
this because we  like to think that we’re the Most Original Performer on Planet 
Earth. In the  past others have compared me to Christine Lavin (‘cause she’s a 
funny chick  too), Shawn Colvin (same vocal quality I guess) and Joni 
Mitchell (that’s a  stretch, frankly, but some say that simply because she’s a folk 
singer). So who  do you think I sound like? Write like? Dress like? Okay, 
kidding about the last  one, especially if you say Paris Hilton. But cereal (that’
s preteen speak for  “seriously”), who would you compare me to? Help out a 
writer  here. 
5. Musicians, looking for a bio  writer? 
One of my gigs is writing CD reviews  and articles about music. If I read one 
more bio bloated with empty superlatives  (The next Dylan! Better than yo 
mama!) it’s gonna get ugly, people. For a small  fee and quick turnaround, I can 
write your bio. My work has been published in  Acoustic Guitar, Sing Out!, 
Indie-Music.com and more. Here are some  samples: 
I can also write bios, web  content and press releases for dancers and other 
kinds of creative folks.  Interested? Give me a shout: 
_Jamie at jamieanderson.com_ (mailto:Jamie at jamieanderson.com)  
7. Health  insurance advice 
I have to change health insurance soon.  Any insurance geeks out there who 
can give me expert advice? I’m leaning toward  Blue Cross (North  Carolina) 
because my present MD accepts them. Even if I  go with them I’m not sure what plan 
to choose. It’s a confusing insurance world  out there. When can I move to 
8. Looking for someone to video tape  my performance 
I’m still looking for someone who can  record a live performance. Do you have 
a decent camera and will you be at my  gigs this weekend (MD or NJ) or others 
later on? I’d love to talk with you!  tsunamiinc at aol.com 
9. Mailing list  business 
You are on this list because you signed  my mailing list at a concert or 
otherwise asked to be added. If you'd like to  be deleted or if your address will 
change soon, you can update your subscription  at 
www.jamieanderson.com/newsletter. To reach me directly, write to  jamie at jamieanderson.com. Please don't 
forward jokes, news items, virus  warnings or petitions. I love personal notes 
from fans, though, and  try to answer every email. I do not share the mailing 
list with anyone  else. Feel free to forward this newsletter to your friends, 
especially if I'm  going to be performing in their area. Thanks! 
10. The ending quotes 
“I  have lost friends, some by death, others through sheer inability to cross 
the  street.” – Virginia Woolf 
“Go  through your phone book, call people and ask them to drive you to the 
airport.  The ones who will drive you are your true friends. The rest aren’t bad 
people;  they’re just acquaintances.” – Jay Leno 
“Friends  help you move. Real friends help you move bodies.” – Dave  Attell 
Who  is this guy Dave? Please tell me I don’t live anywhere near  him. 
Peace and chocolate y’all, 
-- Jamie 
Jamie Anderson 
_www.jamieanderson.com_ (http://www.jamieanderson.com/)  
Buy Jamie's  recordings here: 
Goldenrod:  www.goldenrod.com  
Ladyslipper:  800-634-6044, or www.ladyslipper.org 
Harmony Ridge:  www.hrmusic.com 
CD Baby:  www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson, www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson2,  
Download Jamie’s  songs from _www.apple.com/itunes/store_ 
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