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The Jamie Anderson  Newsletter, Special New Album Edition 

Table of Contents 
1. Performances 
3. Website update 
4. Do you live in IN, OH or  MI? 
5. I need friends! Go to MySpace.  Please? 
6. Musicians, looking for a bio writer?   
7. Still looking for someone to video  tape my performance 
8. Mailing list  business 
9. Ending quote 
1.  Performances 
Always check with the venue before  heading out to a show. 
More dates are being added  all the time! 
7/4        Durham, NC, Festival for the Eno, 11:30 am  Grove Stage, 2:30 pm 
Chimney Corner stage, with fiddler Tracy Feldman,  www.enoriver.org 
7/6        Bloomington, IL, National  Women’s Music Festival, with 
guitarist/mandolinist Kara Barnard, vocalist Tory  K, and percussionist Phyllis Free, 
_www.wiaonline.org_ (http://www.wiaonline.org/)  
7/20      Durham, NC, time tba, Broad  Street Café, 1116 Broad St., with 
Tracy Drach,  www.broadstreetcafe.org 
8/4        Alpena, MI, Backroads House Concert,  
8/5        Hart, MI, 7 pm, Comfort Inn,  with Nedra Johnson, buy tickets in 
advance at _www.nedrajohnson.com/pre-fest.html_ 
8/18      Cincinnati, OH, Tri-state Womonfest,  www.tristatewomonfest.com 
8/19      Sandusky,  OH, Firelands  Pride 
9/8        Des Moines, IA, WCC at Friends Meeting House,  opening: Mary 
9/10      Cedar  Falls, IA, tentative 
9/14      Chicago, IL, Fitzgeralds 
9/15      Ft.  Wayne, IN, Sophia’s  Portico 
9/16      Joliet, IL, house  concert 
9/18      Chicago, IL, Big  Chicks/Tweet 
9/21      Pittsburgh, PA, with Tracy  Drach 
9/22      Indianapolis, IN, Indy Indie, with special  guest 
11/16    Tucson, AZ 
11/17    Phoenix, AZ, with Slique Callahan,  tentative 
11/18    Apache Junction,  AZ 
The new album, Three Bridges, is  here!!! Those of you who ordered the album 
should already have it. The rest of  you can get it at Festival for the Eno, 
the National Women’s Music Festival or  at _www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson4_ 
(http://www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson4) .  Soon, it’ll be up at other websites like 
_www.ladyslipper.org_ (http://www.ladyslipper.org/) , _www.goldenrod.com_ 
(http://www.goldenrod.com/) , _www.iTunes.com_ (http://www.itunes.com/)   and 
more! Whoo hoo! 
This album is my legacy. Even  “Menstrual Tango.” J You’ll find songs from 
most of my  earlier albums plus a couple of new ones recorded with Kara 
Barnard, “My Dad  Loves to Sing” and “Too Busy Being Blue” (aka the “F**k You” 
song). I’ve even  included a song from a tape I made in 1986 that (shhhh) almost 
no one knows  about. There are extensive liner notes at 
_www.jamieanderson.com_ (http://www.jamieanderson.com/) . Click on the  album on the home page to 
get there. 
I am soooooo looking forward to  Festival for the Eno on Wednesday in Durham. 
Not only is it for a good cause – to  raise money to buy land along the Eno –
 but it’s always fun. There’s a great  variety of music and art in a 
beautiful setting. Check it out y’all. _www.enoriver.org_ (http://www.enoriver.org)  
The other biiiiig gig I’m doing is at  the National Women’s Music Festival 
in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois on Friday, July  6. I lurve this event and I’m 
especially excited because  I’ve got a kick-butt band: Kara Barnard on guitar 
and mandolin, Tory K on vocals  and Phyllis Free on percussion. We’ll be 
featuring many of the songs from Three Bridges. The rest of the artists  are damn 
good too … Ember Swift, Michelle Balan, Wishing Chair, Melissa Ferrick,  Zoe 
Lewis, Ubaka Hill … hey, you don’t wanna miss this festival!  www.wiaonline.org 
3. Website  update 
There’s a new home page plus extensive  liner notes for Three Bridges – just 
 click on the album photo to get there. Later this month there’ll be other  
updates including new photos. _www.jamieanderson.com_ 
4. Do you  live in IN, OH or MI? 
And do you wanna host a house  concert? It's easy! You just need a list of 
friends who love live music and a  living room or other space that fits 20 or 
more. I've worked with many  first-time house concert organizers so no worries 
there. If you can put on  a show, contact me: _jamie at jamieanderson.com_ 
(mailto:jamie at jamieanderson.com)   Here's  what I need: 
Friday, August 3, northern Ohio or  anywhere in Michigan 
Friday, August 17, Indiana (not  close to Ft. Wayne or Indianapolis) or Ohio 
(but not close to  Cincinnati) 
Even if you don't live in these  areas and think you may want to do a house 
concert someday, give me a  shout. 
5. I need friends. Go to MySpace!  Please? 
Won’t you be my friend? Get tour  updates, listen to songs, read my blog and 
see pics that aren’t on my regular  site. 
6. Musicians, looking for a bio  writer? 
Musicians and other creative folks, I  can write your bio, web content or 
press releases for a small fee and quick  turnaround. My work has been published 
in Acoustic Guitar, Sing Out!,  Indie-Music.com and more. Here are some 
Interested? Give me a shout: _Jamie at jamieanderson.com_ 
(mailto:Jamie at jamieanderson.com)  
7. Still looking for someone to video  tape my performance 
I’m still looking for someone who can  record a live performance. It doesn’t 
have to be at a professional level,  just something I can post at YouTube and 
perhaps my MySpace page. Do you have a  decent camera and will you be at 
Festival for the Eno or the National Women’s  Music Festival? I’d love to talk 
with you! _tsunamiinc at aol.com_ (mailto:tsunamiinc at aol.com)  
8. Mailing list  business 
You are on this list because you signed  my mailing list at a concert or 
otherwise asked to be added. If you'd like to  be deleted or if your address will 
change soon, you can update your subscription  at 
www.jamieanderson.com/newsletter. To reach me directly, write to  jamie at jamieanderson.com. Please don't 
forward jokes, news items, virus  warnings or petitions. I love personal notes 
from fans, though, and  try to answer every email. I do not share the mailing 
list with anyone  else. Feel free to forward this newsletter to your friends, 
especially if I'm  going to be performing in their area. Thanks! 
9. The ending quote 
This quote is from _www.tomlehrer.org_ (http://www.tomlehrer.org/)   Tom's a 
comedy songwriter  some of you may know. 
“… I went from adolescence to senility,  trying to bypass maturity …” – Tom 
Maybe that’s what Bush is  doing. 
Peace and chocolate  y’all, 
--  Jamie 
Jamie Anderson 
_www.jamieanderson.com_ (http://www.jamieanderson.com/)  
Buy Jamie's  recordings here: 
Goldenrod:  www.goldenrod.com  
Ladyslipper:  800-634-6044, or www.ladyslipper.org 
Harmony Ridge:  www.hrmusic.com 
CD Baby:  www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson, www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson2,  
Download Jamie’s  songs from _www.apple.com/itunes/store_ 
(http://www.apple.com/itunes/store)  _http://music.msn.com/_ (http://music.msn.com/)  
_http://www.musicnet.com/_ (http://www.musicnet.com/)  _http://www.buymusic.com/_ 
_http://www.arvato.com/_ (http://www.arvato.com/)  _http://www.napster.com/_ 
(http://www.napster.com/)  _http://www.sonyconnect.com/_ 
(http://www.sonyconnect.com/)  _http://www.emusic.com/_ (http://www.emusic.com/)  
_http://www.playindies.com/_ (http://www.playindies.com/)  and many  more!

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