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 The Jamie Anderson Newsletter
Table of Contents
1. Performances
2. Welcome and general blabbing
3. A new album! Please help me with it.
4. Looking for house concert opportunities in CT, MA, NH, NJ, RI, or VT
5. Do you live in MA, NY or CT and can help with concert promotion?
6. Looking for someone to video tape my performance
7. Please help me get some festival bookings
8. Kara Barnard’s new music store
9. Interview with Rainbow Radio in Columbia, SC
10. Publications and sites where you can find my writing
11. Organizations to support
12. National Women’s Music Festival logo design contest
13. Song requests
14. Mailing list business
15. Ending quotes
1. Performances
Always check with the venue before heading out to a show.
More dates are being added all the time!
3/16      Bethlehem, NH, 8 pm, Highlands Inn, www.highlandsinn-nh.com
3/17      Leverett, MA, 7:30 pm, Echo Lake Coffeehouse at the Town Hall, 9 
Montague Rd (center of town), diacrowe at yahoo.com
3/22      New Britain, CT, True Colors Conference, www.ourtruecolors.org
3/23      Syracuse, NY, 8 pm, Women’s Information Center, 601 Allen St, 
sewwitch21 at yahoo.com, seating is limited so please make reservations early
3/24      New York, NY, 8 pm, People’s Voice Café at Workmen’s Circle, 45 E. 
33rd St (between Park and Madison), www.peoplesvoicecafe.org
3/28      Hartford, CT, 7:30 pm, Trinity College, Gallows Hill Bookstore, 388 
Summit St, laura.lockwood at mail.trincoll.edu
4/6        Raleigh, NC, 7 pm, Tony’s Café, 309 Blake St, 919-832-2101, 
seating is very limited so please arrive early
4/12      Durham, NC, 8 pm, Broad Street Café, 116 Broad St, 
www.broadstreetcafe.org, with Kara Barnard
5/11      Frederick, MD, Westside Cafe
5/12      Watchung, NJ, open for Cris Williamson
5/26-27  Kents Store, VA, Virginia Women’s Music Festival
6/22-24  Provincetown, MA, Golden Threads
7/4        Durham, NC, Festival for the Eno
7/5-7/8  Bloomington, IL, National Women’s Music Festival
8/4        Alpena, MI, Backroads House Concert
8/5        Hart, MI, with Nedra Johnson
9/15      Ft. Wayne, IN, Sophia’s Portico
9/16      Joliet, IL, house concert
9/18      Chicago, IL, Big Chicks/Tweet
November         Southwest
2. Welcome and general blabbing
Hey everyone! I hope this February is treating you well. 
Is there anyone on this planet who still doesn’t believe that global warming 
is impacting the earth? Geez, from 70 degree weather in January to below 
freezing this last week, I don’t know whether to wear my down parka or my bikini. 
At least I live in the balmy south. Many warm thoughts to you in New England 
and the Midwest. I hope the snow and ice only comes when you can be at your 
house in front of a blazing fire and sipping hot cider.
Hey, sorry about the broken link to the Bush video in my last newsletter. That
’ll teach me not to check my links just before press time. I swear it was the 
correct address just a couple of weeks before. Now I can’t find the video. 
Damn shame too since it was a really funny impression of Bush made while Bush 
was giving a speech. I think it was a Press Club event. If anyone knows where I 
can find it now, shoot me an email, ‘k?
Thanks to everyone who came to the January shows, especially Columbia. I’m so 
sorry I couldn’t go on at the time scheduled. I’ve been getting these damn 
migraines most of my life but this was the first time it’s interfered with 
performing. I did finally drag myself off the floor (yes, that’s where I was 
laying as there was no couch <insert violins>) and do one set later on for a 
fabulous crowd. Everyone was so kind! Next time I’m sending the tiny people with 
jackhammers off to work on a project that doesn’t include the inside of my head.
I’ve raised half the money I need for the new album. Whoo hoo! Thanks to 
everyone who’s helped me. If you’re thinking of supporting the new album but haven
’t yet, there’s a form below. I’ll also have a way to order it at my shows. 
I need just $2500 more to finish the project. For those of you thinking “Huh?”
 about now, I’m talking about my new CD, “Three Bridges” (yes, I finally 
came up with a name). I’m releasing it to celebrate 20 years of touring. Yeah, 
yeah, I don’t look like I’m that old. I started touring as a fetus. Anyway, I’m 
re-releasing songs from older albums that haven’t been available for a while 
plus adding a couple of new songs. The new ones are being recorded with Karen 
Kane, a fabulous engineer who’s done work for lots of great artists including 
Wishing Chair, Janis Ian, Ember Swift, Alix Olsen and many more. Kara Barnard 
is adding guitar and mandolin to the new songs so to say I’m simply excited 
about this new project ... well that would be a gross understatement.
Lots of great gigs are coming up in March and I’ll be doing a couple of NC 
gigs in April. I hope to see you at a show!
3. New album! Please help me with it
Please help me with my new album! Be the first on your block to get it hot 
off the press and before any store. Print out this form and mail it to the 
address below with your check.
_____  $50        Signed first edition copy of the new album
_____$100        Signed first edition copy of the new album PLUS your name in 
the liner notes
_____$500        Signed first edition copy of the new album, your name in the 
liner notes PLUS one copy of Jamie’s albums still in print: A Promise of 
Light, Listen and Drive All Night
____ $1000       Signed first edition CD, a t-shirt (size___),all of the 
above plus one songwriting or guitar lesson in your home. (You must be in or near 
a city where Jamie is scheduled to perform.)
____ $2000       Signed first edition CD. All of the above (t-shirt size 
_____) AND a free concert for your organization (Jamie waives her performance fee. 
Your organization pays for all other concert expenses and keeps all of the 
profit. Date and a location convenient for Jamie’s touring schedule.)
______________ State/Province__________ Zip____________________
Email address_______________________Phone______________________________
Make check payable to Tsunami Recordings, include it with this form and mail 
4201 University Dr., Suite 102, Box 417, Durham, NC, 27707
CDs will be shipped this year, before it’s available in the stores. Thanks!! 
4. Looking for house concert opportunities in CT, MA, NH, NJ, RI, or VT
Do you live in any of these states? Wanna groovy Jamie Anderson concert, live 
in your living room? It’s as easy as putting on a party. I’ve worked with 
many first-time house concert presenters so I can guide you through the process. 
Here’s what I’m looking for:
Sunday, March 18, MA (Boston area or south), CT (not near Hartford), RI, NY 
(near NYC), NH or VT
Sunday, March 25, NY (near NYC), CT (not near Hartford, NJ (near NYC)
5. Do you live in CT, MA or NY and can help with concert promotion?
Since I don’t have Sony’s budget, word of mouth is the best way to promote 
my concerts. My fans have always been very generous in getting the word out 
about my shows. If you can post flyers and/or send emails to your friends you 
would get my eternal gratitude and hey, that’s worth about a dollar fifty on 
eBay. I’d love your help especially if you or your friends are near Leverett, MA, 
NYC, or Hartford, CT. I can send you a short blurb to forward to buddies or 
you can simply forward this newsletter. If you’re feeling creative and can throw 
a few flyers around town you can download one at 
www.jamieanderson.com/printable.html – just fill in the details for the show at the bottom. If you have 
trouble with that, I can snail mail flyers. Reach me at tsunamiinc at aol.com Thank 
you, thank you, thank you!
6. Looking for someone to video tape my performance
That video with my cat song has received over 120,000 views on YouTube. 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b72rZrbOhN4 Whoo hoo! Now I’m wondering if I can put 
one of my performances up there. Do you have a video camera and have the 
knowledge to post a video on YouTube? I’d love to talk with you! tsunamiinc at aol.com
7. Please help me get festival bookings
I’ve sent my audition package to several festivals and right about now, many 
are making decisions for this year’s events. If you could take the time to let 
them know that you’d be more likely to attend their festival if I was 
playing, I would be very grateful. 
Bele Chere, Asheville, NC, belechere at ashevillenc.gov
Comedy Fest, Michigan, info at tri.org
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, New England, FalcRidge at aol.com
Flat Rock Music Festival, Flat Rock, NC, info at flatrockmusicfestival.com
Kerrville Folk Festival, Kerrville, TX (kinda near Austin), 
info at kerrville-music.com
Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, PO Box 7430, Berkeley, CA 94707
Philadelphia Folk Festival, info at folkfest.org
8. Kara Barnard’s new music store
One of the most fabulous musicians I know has opened a very cool music store 
in Nashville, Indiana. If you’re interested in one-of-a-kind dulcimers, banjos 
and other great instruments, accessories and CDs, visit Weed Patch Music 
Company. More at http://weedpatchmusiccompany.com
9. Interview with Rainbow Radio in Columbia, SC

I did a really fun interview with Rainbow Radio that you can hear at: 
http://www.scglpm.org/rainbowradio/ Look for the 1/7/2007 show.
10. Sites and publications where you can read my writing
I’m a freelance writer. My latest article, about song contests, is at 
http://www.indie-music.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=5633  I’ve also got 
CD reviews there as well as at www.minor7th.com. I love reviewing CDs because 
there’s so much great music out there. I write for the folk music magazine 
SingOut! too but you can only read my work in their paper version. 
11. Organizations to support
Several of you wrote to me about http://anysoldier.com/WhereToSend, a website 
I told you about in my last couple of newsletters. One of you suggested a few 
other organizations that need our help:
Partners in Health--the group founded by Dr. Paul Farmer (Mountains Beyond 
Mountains), serving the medical and physical needs of the poorest of the poor in 
Haiti and elsewhere. http://www.pih.org/home.html 
Capacitar, International.  Women bringing no-tech healing methods to people 
suffering in war, poverty, and other forms of trauma. http://capacitar.org/ 
World of Opportunity.  Education program for kids pushed out of the school 
system in Alabama because of the NCLB demand for test scores.  Helps give kids 
more opportunities than only the military.   http://worldofopportunitywoo.org/ 
International Rescue Committee.  Helps folks worldwide caught in war, 
oppression, poverty.  http://www.theirc.org/ 
12. National Women’s Music Festival logo design contest
Who can enter? Anyone who can draw, doodle, or use computer graphics. 
What is it: A juried contest to design the front page of our program. The 
design will also be used for any and all merchandise offered for sale at the NWMF 
festival booth and on our website. 
Particulars: The design must include reference to the National Women's Music 
Festival. The design can contain up to 3 colors. Designs submitted with more 
than 3 colors will not be considered. The dates of the festival cannot be 
included in the design of the logo. Artwork can be submitted either through snail 
mail, in camera ready format, or on disc. Artwork submitted online must be in 
an eps format for a pc. All submissions should be at least 8"x11" in size. 
Deadline:The deadline for submissions is Friday, February 16th, midnight. 
There will not be any time extensions allowed. 
If submitting by snail mail, send your submissions to: 
WIA Artwork 
PO Box 356 
Walled Lake, MI 48390 
Email submissions should be sent to: info at WIAonline.org
Prizes: 2 four day passes to the 2007 NWMF festival 
formal acknowledgement in the official NWMF Program 
2 Free Teeshirts 
Please direct all questions to info at wiaonline.org. 
13. Song requests
I love doing song requests at shows but my memory bites the family dog 
outloud. If there’s a particular song of mine that you’d like to hear, email me the 
request and the show you’re planning to attend. Request "Stairway to Heaven" 
and I will pummel you with an organic carrot. 
14. Mailing list business
You are on this list because you signed my mailing list at a concert or 
otherwise asked to be added. If you'd like to be deleted or if your address will 
change soon, you can update your subscription at 
www.jamieanderson.com/newsletter. To reach me directly, write to jamie at jamieanderson.com. Please don't 
forward jokes, news items, virus warnings or petitions. I love personal notes from 
fans, though, and try to answer every email. I do not share the mailing list 
with anyone else. Feel free to forward this newsletter to your friends, 
especially if I'm going to be performing in their area. Thanks!
15. The ending quotes
“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
 – Gandhi
“Our own success, to be real, must contribute to the success of others.” – 
Eleanor Roosevelt
Peace and chocolate y’all.
-- Jamie
Jamie Anderson
Buy Jamie's recordings here:
Goldenrod: www.goldenrod.com 
Ladyslipper: 800-634-6044, or www.ladyslipper.org
Harmony Ridge: www.hrmusic.com
CD Baby: www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson, www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson2, 
Download Jamie’s songs from www.apple.com/itunes/store http://music.msn.com/ 
http://www.musicnet.com/ http://www.buymusic.com/
www.Arvato.com www.Napster.com www.SonyConnect.com www.Emusic.com 
www.PlayIndies.com and many more!
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