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The Jamie Anderson Newsletter
Table of Contents
1. Performances
2. Welcome and general blabbing
3. Download my songs from over 30 sites
4. Do you live in Arizona or North Carolina? Put on a house concert!
5. Openings for guitar and songwriting students
6. Mailing list business
7. Ending quotes
1. Performances
Always check with the venue before heading out to a show.
More dates are being added all the time!
9/16      Columbus, OH, Ohio Lesbian Festival, with Tory Kragt, 
9/24      Carrboro, NC, 4:15, Carrboro Music Festival, Nested, 188 E. Main, 
11/19    Durham, NC, Common Ground Theater, with Kathleen Hannan and Sheila 
12/2      Albuquerque, NC, tentative
12/3      Tucson, AZ, Greenfire
316       Bethlehem, NH, Highlands Inn, www.highlandsinn-nh.com
3/17      Leverett, MA, Echo Lake Coffeehouse
3/24      New York, NY, People’s Café
5/12      Watchung, NJ, open for Cris Williamson
2. Welcome and general blabbing

There’s an oak tree in my yard. On the tip of one branch are a few leaves 
that are slightly more yellow that the others. Even though we’ve had temperatures 
in the 90’s this week, that tree is a sign that fall is coming. Lots of 
people rejoice at the coming of crisp autumn air and brightly colored leaves but 
folks, it depresses me. Sure, fall is okay but it means winter is coming. Yeah, 
yeah, you midwesterners are laughing your arses off at this southerner but 
there’s a reason I live here and not there. Call me in mid February when there’s 
so much snow all you can see of your car is the tip of the antenna.
Enough polite weather talk – okay, not so polite -- and on to the meat of 
this little tome, me, me, me. Yeah, that’s my name there at the top. August found 
me doing a mini tour of the Midwest including a kick ass gig with Nedra 
Johnson in Hart, Michigan, just before the Michigan festival. I’m loading up that 
audience in a big bus and taking you on tour with me. C’mon, it’ll be a lot 
more fun than making the kids lunches and going to work every day. I had a great 
time at my other shows too – thanks so much to everyone who came out.
And the festival! Hot damn was it fun. Didja see me on the lead vehicle in 
the femme parade? I danced at the Sunday night candlelight concert too, doing a 
candle dance. First time I've ever done something like that and since I didn't 
set my hair on fire I consider it a success. It was great hearing all the 
live music especially Vicki Randle. Some of you may know her as the vocalist with 
the Tonight Show band but those of us who know women's music have been 
hearing her for years at women's festivals, in her own sets and as a 
sideplayer/vocalist with other performers. I'm so glad she took her folk/pop songs and 
finally made an album. I bought two of them plus a t-shirt. I'm a fan but not quite 
a stalker. All right, back to me, me, me or rather you - nice to meet some of 
you at the Goldenrod booth and thanks for taking my bellydance classes. I 
swear it’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on although some of you 
weren't wearing much. If you live in the Raleigh-Durham area, you can take my 
regular classes but you've gotta be fully dressed. The folks at the Durham Arts 
Council are funny that way. Classes start September 25. More at 
Next year marks my 20th year of touring. I’d love to be booked at some 
festivals where I can do a lot of whoo hooing. (Hey, I made up a new verb!) Please 
request me at your favorite festival. It really does make a difference. 
This month I’m playing at the Ohio Lesbian Festival! I always love being 
there and this year, I’ll be performing with Tory Kragt, a soulful vocalist some 
of you may have seen at the Michigan Women’s Music Festival (singing with the 
Southern Fried Chix Lix and in the opening ceremonies). I’ll be doing some 
emcee work in addition to my musical set. Maybe I’ll bring the tiara. Also 
performing – and I’m about to pee my pants over this lineup --  is Barbara Higbie 
and Teresa Trull, Zrazy, Katie Reider and more. This is a great festival. It’s a 
gonga deal at $30/35 for a ticket and for that, you get live music and comedy 
all afternoon and into the evening, a huge crafts area, workshops and lots of 
women. It’s outside but you don’t have to camp because there are a bunch of 
motels near by. Check their website for housing options and more info: 
Also this month I’ll be at a local event, the Carrboro Music Festival. It’s 
a sweet local festival that features everything from punk to bluegrass. 
3. Download my songs from over 30 sites
You can now download my individual songs (or a whole CD) from over 30 
websites! Here are some of them: www.apple.com/itunes/store  http://music.msn.com/ 
http://www.musicnet.com/ http://www.buymusic.com/ http://www.arvato.com/ 
http://www.napster.com/ http://www.sonyconnect.com/ http://www.emusic.com/ 
And as always, you can buy my albums from www.ladyslipper.org, 
www.goldenrod.com, www.cdbaby.com and www.hrmusic.com. A bunch of other sites too but heck, 
those oughta give you enough choices.
4. Do you live in Arizona or North Carolina? Want to do a house concert?
House concerts are a blast. It's like giving a great party with live music. 
All you need is space that seats 20 or more plus a good mailing list of 
friends. Even if you've never done it before, I can guide you through the process. 
Give me a shout at office at jamieanderson.com if you might be interested. 
Here’s what I’m looking for right now. Even if you can’t help me with these 
dates and/or places, let me know if you might be interested in hosting a 
concert at another time and where you live.
October and beyond     North Carolina (not triangle cities but almost 
anywhere else)
December 1                 Phoenix area, AZ
5. Openings for guitar and songwriting students

Got a hankerin to learn guitar or sharpen your songwriting skills? Take 
private lessons in central Durham on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Adults and 
kids (age 7 and up). All styles but classical. Beginners on up. 
office at jamieanderson.com.
6. Mailing list business
You are on this list because you signed my mailing list at a concert or 
otherwise asked to be added. If you'd like to be deleted or if your address will 
change soon, you can update your subscription at 
www.jamieanderson.com/newsletter. To reach me directly, write to jamie at jamieanderson.com. Please don't 
forward jokes, news items, virus warnings or petitions. I love personal notes from 
fans, though, and try to answer every email. I do not share the mailing list 
with anyone else. Feel free to forward this newsletter to your friends, 
especially if I'm going to be performing in their area. Thanks!
7. The ending quotes
“The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it’s unfamiliar 
territory.” – Paul Fix
“American soldiers who went to Iraq to fight for our freedom are in the wrong 
place. They should have gone to Washington.” – Phillip Frey, LA Times Letters
Let’s all go to Washington and talk to those who are lost in thought.
Peace and chocolate to y’all --
-- Jamie
Jamie Anderson
Buy Jamie's recordings here:
Goldenrod: www.goldenrod.com 
Ladyslipper: 800-634-6044, or www.ladyslipper.org
Harmony Ridge: www.hrmusic.com
CD Baby: www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson, www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson2, 
Download Jamie’s songs from www.apple.com/itunes/store http://music.msn.com/ 
http://www.musicnet.com/ http://www.buymusic.com/
www.Arvato.com www.Napster.com www.SonyConnect.com www.Emusic.com 
www.PlayIndies.com and many more!
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