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The Jamie Anderson Newsletter
Table of Contents

1. Performances
2. Welcome and general blabbing
3. The National Women's Music Festival
4. CDs make great gifts
5. Do you think you might attend Women In Harmony?
6. Bellydance photos
7. Dance classes in Durham, NC
8. Private guitar and songwriting lessons
9. Order form for new CD
10. www.sorryeverybody.com
11. Radical Harmonies on TV
12. January music and dance classes
13. Mailing list business
14. Ending quotes

1. Performances
Always check with the venue before heading out to a show.

12/11 Carrboro, NC, 7 pm, Evening of Songs for Peace, ArtsCenter West End 
Theater, 300 E Main, 929-2787, with Tracy S. Feldman and others, tsf at duke.edu
1/14  St. Petersburg Beach, FL, Silver Threads, for conference participants 
only, silvertreds at aol.com
3/18 - 3/21 Healdsburg, CA, Women Making Music, womamu at aol.com
4/9   Erie, PA (tentative)
4/16 Alpena, MI
4/22 Rockford, IL (tentative)
4/23 Des Moines, IA
4/30 Hamilton, NJ, with Girls Gone Funny (Carla Ulbrich and Deirdre Flint)
5/14 Glen Allen, VA, with Carla Ulbrich
6/3   Evansville, IN (tentative)
6/4   Louisville, KY
6/11 Chicago, IL, with Wishing Chair

2. Welcome and general blabbing

The furnace is cranked and I'm sipping a hot cup of decaf. The leaves have 
dropped, revealing naked silver-brown trees all over town. Even the Carolina 
pines lose a lot of needles in the fall. Who knew? I'm a desert kid raised with 
much more subtle season changes. Some folks complain about the "lack of 
seasons" in the desert but really, you just have to look harder for them. The plants 
do change hue but most plants retain their leaves, unless there's been a lack 
of water. There, seasons are determined more by the rain than the time of 

Oops, thought for a minute I was writing for Weather Monthly but this is the 
Jamie Anderson newsletter dammit, a somewhat lengthy but entertaining tome 
about me, me, me. Is that the sound of delete buttons clicking all over the 
world? Wait! I include other things in this newsletter. Honest.

I started the month off with a weekend of great gigs in New England. The 
first two were with Girls Gone Funny, Carla Ulbrich and Deirdre Flint. Our show in 
Vermont was sold out. We had 'em hanging from the wood beams. Just how I like 
my audiences. ;) I've been home most of the rest of the month, teaching and 
working on my new album. The new CD gets mastered at the end of this month and 
will go to the duplicator in January. It should be out in March or April! I'm 
still raising money for the duplication and promotion. If you'd like to help 
me with fundraising, there's an order form later in the newsletter. Please get 
your orders in soon so those of you who qualify can be thanked in the liner 
notes. Thanks so much to all of you who have already ordered. I can't wait to 
share the album with you!

I've got one local gig coming up soon - a benefit for Ta'ayush, an 
organization working to build a clinic and renovate a school in the West Bank. I'm just 
doing a couple of songs since there's a great line-up of musicians. More 
information is above. I won't be performing locally for a few months so I can get 
ready for my big CD release concert at the Six String Cafe in Cary, NC. It'll 
be a fabulous affair with many surprises so stay tuned!

Happy holidays y'all. 

3. The National Women's Music Festival

During and after the this year's National Women's Music Festival, a lot of 
enthusiastic women have come together with the focus of keeping this important 
festival alive. They've met and outlined some goals.  They still have openings 
for four board members. Contact them at gjk.mjk at verizon.net if you're 
interested. You can also keep checking their website, http://www.wiaonline.org/ for 
updates. This great event has 30 years of history. Please help keep it 

4. CDs make great gifts

You can pre-order the new CD. It'll come long after the holidays but we can 
list the gift recipient's name (and yours too) in the liner notes (provided you 
order at the $100 level or higher). If you can't wait, you can also purchase 
Listen and Drive All Night from 

CD Baby: www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson, www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson2
Goldenrod: www.goldenrod.com 
Ladyslipper: 800-634-6044, or www.ladyslipper.org
Harmony Ridge: www.hrmusic.com

Or download individual songs for less than a dollar each at

www.apple.com/itunes or www.BuyMusic.com.

Add a few free songs from www.jamieanderson.com/mp3.html and wha la! You've 
got a Jamie Anderson sampler, perfect for gift giving.

5. Do you think you might attend Women in Harmony?

Women in Harmony, my music camp for women, is tentatively scheduled for late 
July at a beautiful camp in the mountains near Asheville, NC. There'll be fun 
workshops (guitar, mandolin, harmony singing, drumming and more), song 
circles, and an open mike. All levels are welcome - from shower singers to 
intermediate players/singers. More from our previous three years is at 
www.jamieanderson.com/harmony.htm. If you think you might attend camp, please contact me at 
office at jamieanderson.com. You don't have to register now, I just want an idea of 
how many might attend.

6. Bellydance photos

I danced at a recent local event. Here's a photo of my solo dance:


Here's a photo of me with the other dancers. We're doing the circle dance 
choreography that I taught them. Those of you who've taken my classes at women's 
festivals or in Durham have probably done the circle dance. I'm in the middle, 
in the purple costume:


7. Dance classes in Durham, NC

All classes at the Durham Arts Council, 120 Morris St., www.durhamarts.org, 

Veil fun for bellydancers, Sunday, Dec 5, 2-4 pm

Basic bellydance for scaredy cats
Want to take bellydance but you're not sure you're ready for a whole series 
of classes? Take this one-time workshop to dip your toe in the water! Sunday, 
Dec 12, 2-4 pm

More bellydance classes in January. 

8. Private guitar and songwriting lessons

Guitar and songwriting classes make great gifts!

For adults and kids. Many styles. Durham, close to Chapel Hill and RTP. 
Monday - Wednesday afternoon and early evenings. Office at jamieanderson.com. Barter 
possible for graphic designers. All others, cold hard cash. Okay, you can warm 
it up first.

One of my students has graciously mentioned me on his new web site. Check out 

9. Order my new CD

I'm really excited about "A Promise of Light!" Here's the order form. I'll 
also have order blanks at concerts and I can take credit cards there. Mail 
orders require a check. Thanks!

____ $50 Signed first edition CD

____ $100 Signed first edition CD and your name in the liner notes

_____$500 Signed first edition CD, your name in the liner notes, a signed 
photo and the complete catalog still in print: Listen CD, Drive All Night CD, and 
Center of Balance or A Family of Friends CD 

____ $1000 Signed first edition CD, all of the above PLUS a signed t-shirt 
(size _____), selection of Jamie Anderson tapes, and one songwriting or guitar 
lesson in your home (You must be in or near a city where Jamie is already 
scheduled to perform.)

____ $2000 Signed first edition CD, all of the above (t-shirt size _____) 
PLUS, a signed poster, AND a free concert for your organization (Jamie waives her 
performance fee. Your organization pays for all other concert expenses and 
keeps all of the profit. Date and a location convenient for Jamie's touring 

City_______________________________________ State/Province__________ 
Email address 

Make check payable to Tsunami Recordings, include it with this form and snail 
mail to:
4201 University Dr., Suite 102, Box 417, Durham, NC, 27707
Everything will be mailed to you early in 2005, hot off the press. Thanks!!

10. www.sorryeverybody.com

If you're as depressed as I am about the national elections, you'll love this 
website. It features photos of hundreds (thousands?) of Americans, 
apologizing to the rest of the world. There are also pictures of folks from other 
countries saying things like "My couch is available" (from a Canadian).

11. Radical Harmonies on TV

Radical Harmonies, the film about women's music, will be playing on satellite 
and cable systems nationwide starting December 1, 2004. I'm in the film in a 
couple of still photos. Blink and you'll miss me. Try not to laugh too hard at 
the big hair. Find the film on these channels:

DISH Network - Channel 537 
DIRECTV - Channel 190 
Adelphia Cable - Los Angeles 
Time Warner Cable - Manhattan, Austin, San Antonio, Liberty (New York), Los 
Angeles (Chatsworth and Garden Grove), Milwaukee, Queens (New York) 
RCN Cable - San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, Boston, Washington, D.C. 
Starpower Cable - Washington, D.C. 
Please visit www.heretv.com for more information.

12. January music and dance classes

Starting in January, in the triangle cities area of NC, I'll be teaching a 
songwriters class as well as Bellydance I and II. Take a class yourself or buy 
one as a holiday gift. Call the Durham Arts Council for more information about 
the bellydance classes (919-560-2726). For the songwriting class contact me at 
office at jamieanderson.com.

13. Mail list business

You are on this list because you signed my mailing list at a concert or 
otherwise asked to be added. If you'd like to be deleted or if your address will 
change soon, you can update your subscription at 
www.jamieanderson.com/newsletter. To reach me directly, write to jamie at jamieanderson.com. Please don't 
forward jokes, news items, virus warnings or petitions. I love personal notes from 
fans, though, and try to answer every email. I do not share the mailing list 
with anyone else. Feel free to forward this newsletter to your friends, 
especially if I'm going to be performing in their area. Thanks!

13. The Ending Quote

Here's a quote I've been repeating to myself like a mantra:

"Action is the antidote to despair." - Joan Baez

Peace and chocolate,

Jamie Anderson

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