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The Jamie Anderson Newsletter

Table of Contents

1. Performances
2. Welcome and general blabbing
3. Contest winners!
4. Do you live in FL, TN, NY or New England?  Want a concert in your living 
5. Now accepting credit cards!
6. Listen review in LC
7. Classes in North Carolina
8. www.landoverbaptist.org
9. Dr. Demento played my song!
10. Request me for the Michigan festival
11. Mail list business
13. Ending quotes

1. Performances!

As always, check with the venue before heading out for a show. 

*** with Girls Gone Funny (Carla Ulbrich and Deirdre Flint)
all other shows solo unless noted otherwise

9/7        Cary, NC, 6 pm, Six String Café, 107 Edinburgh South, 
www.sixstringcafe.com, benefit for Independent Animal Rescue, with Kid Sister, Kathleen 
Hannan, Greg Taylor, Jon Shain, Jon and Caroline Parsons and Yasmine White, $5 
plus a bag of pet food
9/13    Kirkersville, OH, Ohio Lesbian Festival, www.ohiolba.org, with Tret 
Fure and others
9/20    Durham, NC, 6 pm, Pride Coffeehouse at Blue Coffee Company, 202 
Corcoran St., annette at annettewarner.com, 910-352-0886, with Athena Rich, Vicki 
Blankenship, Annette Warner, Georgia Wingree and Katherine Jones
10/10   Jacksonville, FL, tentative
10/11   Homestead, FL, 8 pm, Homestead Café, 128 N. Krome Ave, 
www.mainstreetcafe.net, with Annie Wenz
10/12   St. Petersburg, FL, 6:30 pm, First Unity, 469 45th Ave. No, 
727-525-7232, with No More Silence
10/17   Nashville, TN, 6:30 pm, Bluebird Café, 4104 Hillsboro Rd., 
615-383-1461, www.bluebirdcafe.com, with others
10/18   Memphis, TN, 8 pm, Otherlands Coffee Bar, 641 S. Cooper, 901-278-4994
11/1    ***Haverford, PA, 7 pm, Haverford College, womenctr at haverford.edu, 
11/2    ***Philadelphia, PA, 7:30 pm, Tin Angel, 20 S 2nd St., 215-928-0978, 
11/7    ***Kingston, NY, 8 pm, West Strand Grill, 50 Abeel St., 
11/8    ***Franklin, MA, 8 pm, Circle of Friends Coffeehouse at First 
Universalist Meeting House, 262 Chestnut St., tickets 508-528-2541, 
www.fusf.org/cof/, with Modern Man
11/9    Bethlehem, NH, 8 pm, Highlands Inn, 603-869-3978, 
www.highlandsinn-nh.com, open to the public (not just inn guests)
11/13   ***Bradford, VT, 8 pm, Middle Earth Music Hall, Barton St just off 
Main St, 802-222-4748, www.middle-earth-music.com, info at middle-earth-music.com
11/14   ***Shirley, MA, 8 pm, Bull Run Restaurant, 215 Great Road, 
978-425-4311, www.bullrunrestaurant.com
11/15   ***Bangor, ME, 7:30 pm, Benefit for WERU at Union Street Church, 
207-469-6600, www.weru.org
11/20   ***Northampton, MA, 8 pm, Smith College Campus Ctr Café, 100 Elm St, 
11/21   ***Chester, NY, 8 pm, Bodles Opera House, 39 Main St., 845-469-4595, 
11/22   Syracuse, NY, 8 pm, Happy Endings Café, 317 S Clinton St., 
www.happyending.com, 315-475-1853
12/5    Tucson, AZ, 8 pm, Pima College Proscenium Theater, with Alix Dobkin
12/6    Apache Junction, AZ, 7:30 pm, Superstition Mountain Resort
12/7    Phoenix, AZ, Fiddler's Dream Coffeehouse, 602-997-9795, 

2. Welcome and general blabbing

Hey girls and boys and all those in between!  Hope your end of the summer was 
fab.  I know, you Southwesterners are looking at the temperature gauge and 
thinking?  End?  Ha!  Not until it gets below 90 at night.  I know, I used to 
live in southern Arizona.  I feel your pain.  Now that I live in the <ahem> 
balmy south, it's only 90 during the day.  Neener neener neener.

In August, I had big fun in Alpena, MI, at the Crossroads House Concert, then 
made my way to the Michigan Women's Music Fest where I'm the bellydance 
teacher.  Nothing like teaching a few hundred women to shimmy.  Yeehaw.  I also 
worked for Goldenrod (selling CDs), sang at the Triangle Campfire (including an 
impromptu song about the trucks cleaning the johns - hey if Cheryl Wheeler can 
sing a song about poop, so can I), and had a great time in general. I loved 
the variety of music there, from the danceable energy of klezmer band Isle of 
Klezbos, to the thoughtful songs of Catie Curtis, PLUS Sweet Honey in the Rock 
WITH Toshi Reagan and Big Lovely.  Wow!  Like a kickin' rock band with the best 
vocalists ever - one of the most wonderful performances I've ever heard in my 
life.  I sang at the Sunday night Candlelight concert, with the whole 
audience beautifully singing along.  Outside in the stillness of the Michigan night, 
surrounded by candles, it was such a blessing to hear all those voices joining 

Except for a brief foray to the wilds of Ohio, I'll be hanging out in North 
Carolina this month, doing a couple of gigs and teaching classes.  I'm 
especially excited about the benefit concert for Independent Animal Rescue on 
September 7.  They're a great organization that saves unwanted pets in the triangle 
cities area.  We've got a fab lineup - Kathleen Hannan (in a rare appearance), 
folk duo Kid Sister, singer-songwriter Greg Taylor, the uptown hillbilly swing 
of Jon and Caroline Parsons, and more.  Admission is only $5 and a bag of pet 

October will find me in Florida and Tennessee.  In November, I'm doing some 
east coast gigs with Girls Gone Funny.  More info above.

3. Contest winners!

The challenge was to look at the list of songs on my newest CD "Listen."  If 
you were a cat, what songs would you like to see?  I got many funny entries.  
Some of you had help from your cats but I didn't disqualify you.  The winning 
entry came from Wendy Durant.  She's the proud new owner of a Jamie Anderson 
CD.  Here's her contribution:

(I Wanna) Drive . . . I Wanna Hurl
Maybe You Miss Me . . . I Know You Miss Me 
Listen . . . Obey
Much Better View of the Moon . . . Much Better Smell When I Poo
Potato Chips . . . Puddy Tat Lips 
Forever Family . . . Forever Fixed!
Fourteen . . .Nine
Family of Friends . . . Felines are Friends
I Miss the Dog . . . I Miss the Mouse
Love This True . . . Love This Vain
Her Problem Now . . . Her Hairball Now
Invitation . . . Enigmatic
Three Bridges . . . Three Birdies 

I especially loved "Much Better Smell When I Poo" but then, my inner nine 
year old boy likes potty humor.  And doesn't "Love This Vain" describe almost 
every cat you've ever known?

Below are a few runners-up.  They don't win anything but my gratitude and 
they're so funny, I'll include them here. Attitude, shredding, and cat litter 
seemed to be a running theme:

>From RML/MPH (no full name given):
I Wanna Nap, Maybe You'll Brush Me, Obey, Much Better View of the Milk, 
Salmon Slices, Forever Feline, Nine (lives), A Family of Cat Worshipers, I Sent the 
Dog Away,  A Coat This Clean, Her Cat-Litter Now, Independence, Three Beds

>From Mary:
(I Wanna) Drool, You Better Miss Me, (From the Mantelpiece, There's A) Much 
Better View of The Room, Catnip Flips, Forever Feline, Thirteen (if you're a 
black cat), A Family of Felines, Who'd Miss the Dog?, A Box This Full, (I'm) 
Your Problem Now, Incatuation, Three Scratching Posts

>From Marianne:
(I Wanna) Sleep, Maybe you Lick Me, Listen (Buster, Bring Me Some Cream or 
This Sofa is Shreds), Much Better to Spew Under the Moon, Potato Catnip, Forever 
Kittens, Nine (Lives), A Family of Servants, I Don't Miss the Dog, A Lap This 
True, Her Litterbox Now, Instigation, Three Binges

>From Julie:
(I Wanna) Drive The Dog Bonkers, Maybe You'll Feed Me, Listen, I'm Purring 
Here, Much Better View Of My Butt, Catnip Chips, Forever Food, Fourteen Cats is 
NOT Too Many, A Family Is Forever Fortified By Fabulous Felines, I Missed My 
Chance To Whack The Dog, A Love This True: That's You When You Feed Me, Her 
Litterbox Problem Now, Invitation To Pet Me, Three Bowls of Food (Or Else)

And lastly, from Laurie, who took issue with the contest theme (Astro and 
Molly are her dogs):

So............ you want us to cat-afy these songs eh? That's a very dogist 
contest, Molly and Astro were mortified. I've done my darndest to even the 
playing field here. 
3 LISTEN.... SIT, STAY.... 
5 POTATO CHIPS (can I have some, can I have some, ........ can I, can I?)
6 FOREVER FAMILY (till you gave the puppies away) 
7 FOURTEEN POTATO CHIPS (can I have some, can I have some, ........ can I, 
can I?)
9 I MISS THE DOG (nuf said) 
11 HER PROBLEM NOW (see 10 above)

4. Do you live in FL, TN, NY or New England?  Want a concert in your living 

House concerts are fun!  It's great for the artist, moi, to play in an 
intimate environment and it's fun for your friends who get live music, up close and 
personal-like.  (Yeah, I know I'll hear from the English teachers about that 
last sentence.  Bite me.)  If you can fit 20 or more people into your living 
room or other space, contact me at jamie at jamieanderson.com.  Right now, I'm 
looking for spaces in Florida for October 10, near Memphis/Nashville for October 
19 (five or six hour's drive max), November 16 for New England, and November 23 
for east/upstate NY, eastern PA or MD/DC.  I have something tentative for a 
couple of those dates but just in case they fall through, I'd like a back-up 

Even if you don't live in those areas, I'd love to hear from you.  I tour all 
over the country and sometimes have to fill in open dates after I book larger 
venues.  For more info about house concerts: http://houseconcerts.org.

5. Now accepting credit cards

I can now accept credit cards for CD purchases at concerts!  And as always, 
you can use a credit card when you buy my CDs on the net from 
www.ladyslipper.org, www.goldenrod.com, www.cdbaby.com, www.hrmusic.com and other sites.

6.  Listen review in LC

There's a great review of my newest CD, Listen, in the latest issue of the 
Lesbian Connection.  Check it out!

7.  Classes in North Carolina

Spice Up Your Guitar Playing
Saturday, September 6, 1 pm, Artscenter, Carrboro, 300 E. Main, 919-929-2787, 
www.artscenterlive.org.  In this workshop for teens and adults who already 
know basic chords, try out some next steps that will embellish your skill.  
Learn to dress up your playing with open tunings, hammer-ons, new 
picking/strumming patterns and alternate chords.

Tuesdays starting September 9, 7 - 9 pm, Artscenter, Carrboro, 300 E. Main, 
919-929-2787, www.artscenterlive.org
With fun exercises and discussion, we'll explore finding inspiration, writing 
lyrics, and making up melodies.  For beginning songwriters or more 
experienced writers who want a slower paced class.

Private songwriting lessons
Wednesday afternoon and evening in September, Durham, jamie at jamieanderson.com

8. www.landoverbaptist.org

"Guaranteeing salvation since 1612."  Be sure to check out the bible quiz.  I 
laughed my arse off.

9. Dr. Demento played my song!

Syndicated humor radio DJ Dr. Demento played my song, "When Cats Take Over 
the World" on August 24, show number 3-34.  Cool beans.  He's played my stuff 
several times.  More info at www.drdemento.com.  You can request my songs by 
clicking on the suggestion box link on the main page.

10. Request me for the Michigan festival

I'd love to play at the Michigan Women's Music Festival.  I've sent them 
audition material for many years and they have yet to book me.  If you attended 
this year's fest, please include my name on your evaluation form.  If you don't 
have the form, or didn't attend, you can write to them at PO Box 7430, 
Berkeley, CA, 94707.  Gracias.

11. Mail list business

You are on this list because you signed my mailing list at a concert or 
otherwise asked to be added.  If you'd like to be deleted or if your address will 
change soon, you can update your subscription at www.jamieanderson.com - just 
click on the newsletter link and follow the directions.  To reach me directly, 
write to jamie at jamieanderson.com.  Please don't forward jokes, news items, 
virus warnings or petitions.  I love personal notes from fans, though, and try to 
answer every email.  I do not share the mailing list with anyone else.  I am 
the only one who posts, this is not a discussion forum.  Feel free to forward 
this newsletter to your friends, especially if I'm going to be performing in 
their area.  Thanks!

12.  The Ending Quotes

"Love life.  Take great pleasure in small offerings.  Believe that the world 
owes you nothing.  Understand that every gift given to you is exactly that."  
-- Maya Angelou

"Despair says I cannot lift that weight.  Happiness says I do not have to." - 
James Richardson

Love and be happy, everyone.  

-- Jamie

Jamie Anderson
Singer - Songwriter - Parking Lot Attendant
http://www.jamieanderson.com and http://www.mp3.com/jamieanderson

Order Jamie's recordings!
Goldenrod: www.goldenrod.com 
Ladyslipper: 800-634-6044, or www.ladyslipper.org
Harmony Ridge: www.hrmusic.com
CD Baby: www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson, www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson
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