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The Jamie Anderson Newsletter

Table of Contents

1. Performances
2. Welcome and general blabbing
3. Looking for house concerts in Florida and California
4. New CD!!!
5. Need a great massage therapist in Portland, Maine?
6. Highlands Inn
7. Tomboygirl.com has great stuff
8. Mail list business
9. Ending quotes

1. Performances

Always check with the venue before heading out to a show.

12/5    Tucson, AZ, 8 pm, Pima College Proscenium Theater, 520-297-9133, 
jholden2 at mindspring.com, tickets at www.dotucson.com, with Alix Dobkin
12/6    Apache Junction, AZ, 7:30 pm, Superstition Mountain Resort, 200 E. 
Southern, gamblr4444 at aol.com 
12/7    Phoenix, AZ, Fiddler's Dream Coffeehouse, 2 pm workshop "How to Write 
and Perform Funny Songs," 7 pm performance, SE corner 17th St. and Cactus 
Wren (1 blk no Glendale), 602-997-9795, www.fiddlersdream.org
12/13   Carrboro, NC, 7 pm, ArtsCenter, 300 E Main St., benefit for the Israe
li Committee Against House Demolitions, tsf at duke.edu, 919-929-2787, with Tracy 
S. Feldman, Kathleen Hannan, Greg Taylor and others

1/2       Cary, NC, 8 pm, Six String Café, 107 Edinburgh South, 
1/10    Ft. Myers, FL, private engagement
1/17-18 Oakland Park, FL, South Florida Folk Festival, 
1/24    Carrboro, NC, ArtsCenter, class: Guitar for Songwriters, 
1/31    Carrboro, NC, ArtsCenter, class begins: Solo Musician Performance, 
2/7       Olympia, WA, Traditions Café
2/8       Seattle, WA, house concert
2/14    Eugene, OR, Paradiso Cafe
2/21    Los Angeles, CA
2/26-29 San Diego, CA, Folk Alliance Conference
April   Midwest
March   South with Girls Gone Funny (Carla Ulbrich and Deirdre Flint)
May East Coast
June    Indianapolis and Chicago,
July    Alaska, Women's Music Festival
7/9-11  Bakersville, NC, Women in Harmony, women's music camp, 
Oct       Midwest, with Girls Gone Funny (Carla Ulbrich and Deirdre Flint)

2. Welcome and general blabbing

Hey everyone! Welcome to all the new subscribers from PA, NY and New England.

I had a great November tour and discovered some warm-hearted people among all 
that chilly fall weather. And who'd figure that I'd find good salsa in Maine? 
My Bangor show was sponsored by Sister Salsa. Great stuff. Look for it at 
grocery stores or google the name, I'll bet they've got a website. Wonder if they 
need a theme song? 

Ain't that great news from Massachusetts?!! I was driving into that fair 
state as I heard the news. If the state legislature doesn't screw things up in the 
next six months, you can bet many of us will be headed up there to marry our 
sweeties. I'd love to see what my fair state of North Carolina will do when I 
inform them that my gf and I ARE legally married.

While I'm talking about politics, register to vote NOW so you can vote in the 
next presidential election. Most of you know I'm a Dean supporter 
(www.deanforamerica.com) but heck, I don't care if you vote for my dog, just get b***hole 
out of office.

Women in Harmony, my women's music camp will be happening July 9 - 11 next 
year, in the mountains near Asheville, NC. Keep your eye on future newsletters 
for more details. We just posted photos of this year's camp at 
www.jamieanderson.com/harmony.htm. Check 'em out!

Celebrate the new year with my performance at the Six String Café in Cary, NC 
on January 2! More info above.

I'll be teaching in the triangle cities area of NC in January. Consider 
giving classes as a holiday gift. Check the tour schedule for more details.

I'm headed to my beloved home state of Arizona soon. Note that I'm teaching a 
funny songs workshop in Phoenix in addition to my performance there. If 
you're a musician who wants to include comedy tunes in your shows, I guarantee 
you'll get something good out of this class. Details about all shows and the 
workshop are above. Hope you can make it!

3.  Looking for house concerts in Florida and California

I've got two confirmed dates in Florida so I'd like to fill in the holes with 
some house concerts. If you live in Orlando or points north, I've got Friday, 
January 9 open (nothing in Jacksonville, please, because I recently played 
there). I'm looking for something farther south for January 11. You'd need a 
living room or other space that seats 20 or more and good party-giving skills. E 
me for more details, jamie at jamieanderson.com.

I'm also looking for house concert opportunities in Southern California. I'm 
doing a big show in LA on February 21 so I can't get too close to that. I'm 
looking for something in the surrounding region, like Bakersfield, Palm Springs, 
Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, San Deigo or there abouts for February 20, 22 
and 29. You'd need a living room or other space that seats 20 or more. Once 
again, e me at jamie at jamieanderson.com if you think you can help out.

Even if you don't live in Florida or California and think you might want to 
host a house concert sometime, e me. I'll add you to a list and contact you 
when I'm in your area.
4. New CD!!

I'm about a year off from releasing a new album but I'm excited all the same! 
Banks don't give loans to musicians unless you're James Taylor so I'm hoping 
my fans can help me out. Below is a form with information about how to 
preorder the CD. I'll also have forms at my upcoming concerts and I can take credit 
cards there. Mail orders require a check. Thanks!

Help make Jamie Anderson's new CD a reality!
Tentatively titled A Promise of Light

Including these songs:
Sister, A Little Chocolate, Hurricane, Emily (instrumental), Your Mama Scares 
Me, Faith (A Promise of Light) and more
Featuring these great musicians:
Kara Barnard, Miriam Davidson & Kiya Heartwood, (Wishing Chair), Leigh 
Peterson and others.

____ $50    Signed first edition CD

____ $100   Signed first edition CD and your name in the liner notes

_____$500   Signed first edition CD, your name in the liner notes, a signed 
photo and the complete catalog still in print: Listen CD, Drive All Night CD, 
and Center of Balance CD          
____ $1000  Signed first edition CD, all of the above PLUS a signed t-shirt 
(size _____), selection of Jamie Anderson tapes, and one songwriting or guitar 
lesson in your home (You must be in or near a city where Jamie is already 
scheduled to perform.)

____ $2000  Signed first edition CD, all of the above PLUS (t-shirt size 
_____), a signed poster, AND a free concert for your organization (Jamie waives 
her performance fee.  Your organization pays for all other concert expenses and 
keeps all of the profit.  Date and a location convenient for Jamie's touring 

City_______________________________________ State/Province__________ 
Email address 
Make check payable to Tsunami Recordings, include it with this form and snail 
mail to:
4201 University Dr., Suite 102, Box 417, Durham, NC, 27707
Everything will be mailed to you in late 2004 or early in 2005, hot off the 
press. Thanks!!

5. Need a good massage therapist in Portland, Maine?

Then you'll want to see Elaine Boucher! I had a wonderful massage from her 
when I was in town that put me right into lala land. You can reach her at 
207-730-1221. Not only does she do massage but she offers other healing arts as 

6. Highlands Inn

This is a wonderful lesbian-owned inn in northern New Hampshire. I've had the 
pleasure of staying here a couple of times, including this last tour, and 
loved it. The rooms are charming, the food is great (you'll get breakfast), there 
are TWO hot tubs, a pool that's open in summer and lots of hiking trials. Get 
your civil union in Vermont and honeymoon there. And did I mention their ever 
so fab women's music series? They've brought in Tret Fure, Wishing Chair and 
others, as well as moi. I'd say these women have excellent taste. 

7. Tomboy Girl has great stuff

Tret Fure and her partner own Tomboy Girl, a great store and website 
featuring clothing and other cool stuff. Unfortunately, their store in Madison was 
broken into recently so they incurred some losses. Help them out by checking out 
www.tomboygirl.com and purchasing a few groovy threads. Lots of cool gift 
items, hint, hint. 

8. Mail list business

You are on this list because you signed my mailing list at a concert or 
otherwise asked to be added.  If you'd like to be deleted or if your address will 
change soon, you can update your subscription at www.jamieanderson.com - just 
click on the newsletter link and follow the directions.  To reach me directly, 
write to jamie at jamieanderson.com.  Please don't forward jokes, news items, 
virus warnings or petitions.  I love personal notes from fans, though, and try to 
answer every email.  I do not share the mailing list with anyone else.  I am 
the only one who posts - this is not a discussion forum.  Feel free to forward 
this newsletter to your friends, especially if I'm going to be performing in 
their area.  Thanks!

9.  The Ending Quotes

"Technologies which are environmentally more sustainable are less prone to 
being hijacked by those intent on harm. No terrorist is going to make 
governments tremble by threatening to bomb a wind turbine, or release clouds of compost 
over our cities." - Jonathan Porritt

"I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I'm not dumb; 
and I'm also not blonde." - Dolly Parton

Go forth! Peace, everyone. 


Jamie Anderson
Singer - Songwriter - Parking Lot Attendant

Please, please, please buy Jamie's recordings!
Goldenrod: www.goldenrod.com 
Ladyslipper: 800-634-6044, or www.ladyslipper.org
Harmony Ridge: www.hrmusic.com
CD Baby: www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson, www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson2 
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