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The Jamie Anderson Newsletter

Table of Contents

1. Performances!
2. Welcome and general blabbing
3. Download my songs for nada
4. Women in Harmony music camp
5. Requests
6. Iowa tour photos
7. The National Women's Music Festival
8. Mail list business
9. Ending quotes

1. Performances!

As always, check with the venue before heading out for a show. 

*** with Girls Gone Funny, Carla Ulbrich and Deidre Flint
all other shows solo unless noted otherwise

5/9       ***Wilmington, DE, 8 pm, Grace Methodist Church, 900 Washington 
St., www.listeningpost.us, 302-834-3732
5/10    ***Watchung, NJ, 8 pm, Watchung Arts Center, 18 Stirling Rd., 
www.watchungarts.org/, 908-753-0190
5/11    ***Alexandria, VA, 7 pm, Focus Inn at the Church of the Resurrection, 
2280 N. Beauregard St., 202-607-6156, www.folkusmusic.org
5/15    ***Syracuse, NY, 8 pm, Happy Endings Café, 317 S. Clinton, 
315-475-1853, www.folkus.org
5/16    ***Saratoga Springs, NY, 8 pm, Caffé Lena, 47 Phila St., 
518-583-0022, www.caffelena.com
5/17    ***Taunton, MA, 8 pm, The Dessert Club, First Parrish Church, 20 
Friend St., 508-824-4143, www.thedessertclub.com
5/18    ***Chester, NY, 7 pm, Bodles, 39 Main St., www.bodles.com, 
5/25    Ferncliff, VA, CampOut, 804-301-3553, www.campoutva.com
5/31    New York, NY, OutMusic conference, GLBT Center, www.outmusic.com
6/1       New York, NY, OutMusic Award Show, www.outmusic.com
6/5-8   Kent, OH, National Women's Music Festival, with the Barely Butch 
Band, 317-923-5574, www.wiaonline.org
6/28-29 Colorado Springs, CO (tentative)
6/30    Cary, NC, 8 pm, Six String Café, with the Durham Songwriting Circle 
-just a sampler set, for a full show, come on July 5
7/5       Cary, NC, 8 pm, Six String Café, 107 Edinburgh South, 919-469-3667, 
7/11-13 Bakersville, NC (near Asheville), Women in Harmony music camp, 
404-627-6163, elainetownsendsc at yahoo.com
7/26    Madison, WI, Tomboy Girl Festival, Alliant Energy Center, 
608-256-9738, www.tomboygirl.com
8/12 -17 Hart, MI, Michigan Women's Music Festival, teaching bellydance, 
October  Florida and the South
Nov        east coast with Girls Gone Funny and solo shows

2. Welcome and general blabbing

It's spring in the south!  Bright green is busting out everywhere, the 
dogwoods are in graceful bloom and it's warm!  I hope it's beautiful where 
you are.

In my last newsletter I whined about using AOL to get this monthly tome out 
to you.  Well, be careful what you ask for!  The nice folks who host my 
website wrote to say that they could help me with my newsletter!   It's a lot 
less work for me and you won't get 37 duplicates of the newsletter each mo
nth.  You can sign up or unsubscribe yourself at my website, 
www.jamieanderson.com.  If you're getting this newsletter, you've already 
been subscribed.  The only bad part about using software to update the list 
is that if your mailbox is full and the newsletter bounces one time, you'll 
be taken off the list.  In the past, I could keep you on manually.  Don't let 
your inbox fill up!  Or, consider resubbing with an address you check more 

The nice folks offering this service are at www.svaha.com.  Check 'em out if 
you're looking for someone to host a site or maintain a mailing list for you.

I had a great midwest tour, driving about 6,000 miles in a month.  (I figure 
if I decide to stop doing music I can always become a trucker.)  Thanks to 
everyone who came to the shows!  Without you, I'd be grabbing strangers in 
the street to sing 'em songs.  That could get ugly.  

This month, I'm doing some east coast gigs with Girls Gone Funny - that's 
Deidre Flint and Carla Ulbrich.  At each show, we'll be doing separate sets 
and some stuff together.  I can't reveal much but I can tell you that I'll 
actually play the mandolin in public and Carla can make some incredible sound 
effects using only her body.  Later in May I'll be at CampOut, a women's 
festival in Virginia.  Fab guitarist Katherine Archer is going to do a couple 
of tunes with me and rumor has it that for her set, she's gonna make me wear 
a big hat on stage again.  What I won't do for attention.  In early June it's 
the National Women's Music Festival with the greatest band on the planet - 
most of the women from my newest album Listen!!  Expect some surprises.

Okay, I'll stop blabbing about upcoming shows.  You can get the details 

3.  Download my songs for nada

Don't forget that you can download several of my songs and an MP3 player from 
my website: www.jamieanderson.com.  There are also three songs at 
www.mp3.com/jamieanderson.  And speaking of my website, most of my 
newsletters are archived there. 

4. Women in Harmony

Women in Harmony is a music camp for women of all musical abilities.  It's 
July 11 -13, 2003 at a camp in the beautiful mountains near Asheville, North 
Carolina.  Check out the movie of last year's event at 

Women in Harmony is like scout camp for adults only we won't make you do the 
dishes. Elaine Townsend and I are teaching workshops (songwriting, guitar, 
drum, harmony singing and others), plus there are song circles and jam 
sessions for beginners through intermediate players and singers. You'll get 
delicious meals and a furnished cabin room or a camping spot. The camp is 
beautifully forested with a pond for swimming and lots of places to relax. 
More information about the facility, including photos, is at 

If ten or more members of your chorus are interested in coming, you can get a 
discount!  We might have an opening for one scholarship.  Write for details.

Our 2002 event was a big success with women from six states attending. We'd 
love for you to join us in 2003! For more information, contact Elaine 
Townsend, elainetownsendsc at yahoo.com, 404-627-6163 or check 
http://www.jamieanderson.com/harmony.htm.  If you can help distribute flyers, 
contact me at tsunamiinc at aol.com.

5. Requests

My memory sucks the family dog out loud.  If there's a song you want to hear, 
it's best to e me ahead of time (jamie at jamieanderson.com). Don't forget to 
tell me what show you'll be attending.  

6. Iowa tour photos

Check out www.k9focus.com/jamie

7. The National Women's Music Festival

It's gonna be a good one, folks, and I'm not saying that just because they 
had the good taste to book me.  Other performers include Tret Fure, Tribe 8, 
Marga Gomez, Melissa Ferrick, the Indianapolis Women's Chorus, Ember Swift, 
Lucie Blue Trembley, Wishing Chair, Kara Barnard, Alix Olson, Deidre McCalla, 
and many more.  Plus the crafts area, fine arts exhibit, drama presentations, 
open mike, workshops, three stages … people, it doesn't get better than this. 
 It's June 5 - 8 in Kent, Ohio, at Kent State University. If you're low on 
dough, there are some volunteer opportunities that'll give you a discount.  
More info is at www.wiaonline.org/nwmf.

8. Mail list business

You are on this list because you signed my mailing list at a concert or 
otherwise asked to be added.  If you'd like to be deleted or if your address 
will change soon, check the newsletter subscription page at 
www.jamieanderson.com. To reach me directly, write to 
jamie at jamieanderson.com.  Please don't forward jokes, news items, virus 
warnings or petitions.  I love personal notes from fans, though, and try to 
answer every email.  I do not share the mailing list with anyone else.  I am 
the only one who posts, this is not a discussion forum (regardless of the 
welcome message some of you received).  Feel free to forward this newsletter 
to your friends, especially if I'm going to be performing in their area.

8.  The Ending Quotes

"If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual sex within 
your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, 
you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery. You have the 
right to anything." -- Rick Santorum, Republican Senator from Pennsylvania

Good, then that means I have the right to call him an a**hole.  (My spell 
check wanted to change that to "armhole."  Uh, no.)

Stay sweet everyone --

-- Jamie

Jamie Anderson
Singer - Songwriter - Parking Lot Attendant
http://www.jamieanderson.com and http://www.mp3.com/jamieanderson

Order Jamie's recordings!
Goldenrod: www.goldenrod.com 
Ladyslipper: 800-634-6044, or www.ladyslipper.org
Harmony Ridge: www.hrmusic.com
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