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Sat Aug 2 08:59:18 EDT 2003

Hey folks --

I don't usually send out two emails this close together -- usually it's just 
one a month -- but I wanted to tell you about this special promotion.  If you 
missed the sale on my CDs that I had during the month of July, have no fear!  
You can buy CDs at the CD Baby site: www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson, 
www.cdbaby.com/jamieanderson2.  If you purchase them during the month of August, you'll 
help me qualify to win a contest.  If I'm one of the top 100 sellers at the 
site, I'll be put on a compilation CD given out free to every CD Baby customer, 
at no cost to me.  It'll be a great way to promote my CDs.

Even if you don't buy my CD there, please check out the CD Baby site.  
They've got all sorts of quality CDs by independent artists.

As always, you can also purchase my CDs from www.ladyslipper.org, 
www.goldenrod.com, www.hrmusic.com and some others I don't even know about.  <g>


-- Jamie

Jamie Anderson
singer-songwriter-parking lot attendant
www.jamieanderson.com and www.mp3.com/jamieanderson
"She is singing some wonderful songs." -- Holly Near
4201 University Dr., Ste. 102, Box 417, Durham, NC, 27707
jamie at jamieanderson.com

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